The answer to our last quiz was (b) out. Did you get it right?
- We plan to roll ___ a range of new products in the second half of 2017.
a) o̶v̶e̶r̶
b) out ✔
c) i̶n̶
d) d̶o̶w̶n̶
In business, 'roll out' means to introduce a new product or service. Check out the latest episode in our Professional Podcasts series for more! It's free to download for Android and Apple...
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With the Oscars coming up in a week, here's a question for you: Which writer has more screenwriting credits than any other? Yes...William Shakespeare! Learn all about his life and work and improve your English at the same time with our free online course, Exploring English: Shakespeare! Find out more here: [ Link ]

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Our 50% off sale is now on for over 600 courses including; "Jam with Rick Graham"

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Think of WHOSE skin you're in when you wear leather :'( [WARNING: GRAPHIC]
Walk a Mile in His Shoes -

This man who has been walking everyday for the past 42 years to pick up trash in Bali!
Children's Rights
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In a poignant, moving video, Mic shares the story of Alexis Griffin, who entered foster care at the age of 4. She was sexually abused on multiple occasions, was placed in a home with limited access to food, and spent years bouncing between placements. Griffin, who earned her Bachelor’s and is now pursuing a career in social work, has a powerful message for others in foster care: “You can do...
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CURSO A DISTANCIA: Terapia conductual y análisis y modificación de la conducta
Docente: Lic. José Dahab
Inicio: 20 de febrero

INSCRIPCIÓN ANTICIPADA: 20% OFF hasta el inicio del curso
Vacantes limitadas.

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La chiamano la fata dei reggiseni: Dana raccoglie dai vicini reggiseni usati e prodotti d'uso femminile che risistema e dona alle donne costrette a vivere per strada.
Kabelo at The Rhino Orphanage slurping down his Milk.
At this stage in his rehabilitation process, the bottle is being given through the gate so that the human contact (imprinting) can start being reduced. He is now much larger and running around in the bush with very little to no human contact at all.
We can only help with the Rhino babies comprehensive rehabilitation process by making sure...
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Cisco CSR
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Technology opens doors that create enormous positive impact on the world. See how we’ve harnessed it in our FY16 #CiscoCSRReport: [ Link ]
Éxito de lanzamiento!

Aunque las nubes y el mal tiempo han impedido un plano más extendido del ascenso del Falcon 9, la misión de poner en órbita la cápsula Dragon, ha resultado exitosa. Dragon desplegó sin problemas sus paneles solares y va de camino a la ISS International Space Station, programada su llegada para el Miércoles cuando será capturada por la tripulación que actualmente habita...
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Fifty-year-old Kawther Jahwani was forced from her home in Homs, Syria by airstrikes that threatened her family.

She escaped to Reyhanli in Turkey, where she now relies on support from the International Medical Corps UK, funded by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Operations.

As she fled, she grabbed her coffee pot, a link to happier times in Syria: a reminder of picnics with...
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Want to apply for our 2017 Momentum for Change Award but not sure how to get started? Our 7-minute screencast takes you through the application process, with step-by-step instructions. Share your climate solution at: [ Link ] for the chance to have your project recognized as a 2017 Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity at the UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, this...
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Join us on a tour around the vibrant capital of Croatia: Zagreb. Art, music and culture come together in this year-round outdoor city. Discover the many opportunities that this small metropolis brings you!

Zagreb Summer Tour 2016

Recetas Latinas
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La chicha de arroz es como un atole que se toma frío y es una merienda deliciosa. Gracias Savoir Faire by enrilemoine que nos muestra cómo preparla en este video de MamásLatinas #MLRecetas
Have you ever bought something online but never received it? Improved EU-wide consumer protection cooperation means less damage for customers. A new regulation is on the agenda of tomorrow's Competitiveness Council:
Mission Blue
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"People should take action and tell a friend to tell a friend, and get the job done!" Meet activist and aquanaut Rob Edwards in a Sea of Hope. WATCH * Sea of Hope Film *Free* Online* Here* [ Link ]
Sylvia A. Earle National Geographic Channel Brian Skerry #SeaofHope #BlueParks #NoChildLeftDry #MyBlueMoment #BlueCentennial #HopeSpots
Gin and Tonics have changed a whole lot since 2005 :D

Are you a lover of the classics or are you more about the modern G&T?

Learn more about new cocktail trends: