Fresh Island Festival
03/20/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
What movie would you choose to describe Fresh Island festival?
Best answer gets 2 Boat Party tickets!
03/08/2017. Facebook
Til hamingju með daginn konur! :D
What’s your festival persona? Tap to find out then screenshot and post your result in the comments so we can see how many Iceland Airwaves 2016 rockers and ravers there are out there!
09/05/2016. Facebook
Björk #AMA on Reddit is live! [ Link ]
09/01/2016. Facebook
Quicksand VR world premiere at Björk : Digital Somerset House !

Quicksand VR is a live recording of Björk’s performance at 日本科学未来館 this summer. Featuring a custom 3D printed headpiece by Neri Oxman, the video was a close collaboration with Dentsu Lab Tokyo. Originally streamed worldwide in 360º online, it is now presented for the first time in VR at Somerset House with brand new virtual...
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07/19/2016. Facebook
Þetta er smá rétt... kannski.. mögulega?