Fresh Island Festival
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#GetToKnow Fresh Island festival.
Let us know which one of these 25 facts shocked you the most :O

Fresh Island Festival - 25 Facts (HHKMag Exclusive)
Fresh Island Festival
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Take a trip down the memory lane with us #ShowingOffaBit

#TBT Fresh Island Festival
KÁ-AKÁ #airwaves17
Fresh Island Festival
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What movie would you choose to describe Fresh Island festival?
Best answer gets 2 Boat Party tickets!
Fresh Island Festival
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Hotter days are coming with this new mix by Chux who will be playing for you at #FRESHISLAND2017

Snowy Saturday #airwaves17 #icelandairwaves
Fresh Island Festival
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While you’re reading this, Boat Parties are selling out... ⛵
[ Link ]
The second song from Ásgeir´s forthcoming album is here! #airwaves17

Ásgeir reveals new single 'Stardust' from his forthcoming album!
Fresh Island Festival
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50% of Advance Deposit tickets are GONE!

Hurry up and secure your place on the beach with a deposit payment from 40 € [ Link ]
Fresh Island Festival
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There are only a few places on the Adriatic surrounded by as many beautiful natural beaches as Novalja. ☀

Find out more about these breathtaking places. #BeachIsBetter

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Experience Fresh Island Festival in a new way: live on yachts instead of rooms or tents ⛵

More info about yacht accommodation during Fresh Island Festival >>> [ Link ]
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Akureyri packages are available now!! Head over to our site and book an adventure!! @icelandair @airiceland #airwaves17 #icelandairwaves #akureyri
Hórmónar #airwaves17
Tófa #airwaves17