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Once a captain, is always a captain

TechRadar India
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#Warning - Using phone while walking is injurious to health!
Clever girls ^_^

Check out this awesome page --> Stress Free GIFs Zone (Y)
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Tap when you see the #UnboxIndiaSale logo pop up. Share screenshots in the comments for a chance to win Rs.1000 in FreeCharge Cash [ Link ] [ Link ]
Marcelinho Leite left his mark in #HeroISL 2016 by getting Delhi Dynamos through at every stage! #GoalOfTheDay #LetsFootball
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MS Dhoni does some backseat field placement in #IndVsEng Virat Kohli :D :D
Someone please do remind Dhoni , that Kohli has become the captain :P :D #INDvENG
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=D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D
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Blind Man Driving =D =D =D
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BoRn tO fLirT
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BoRn tO fLirT
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BoRn tO fLirT
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I wanna be a Peacock
BoRn tO fLirT
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BoRn tO fLirT
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Blush Channel
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He: Okay, so tell me something about your pet.
Aap Dude hain.
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Kreative Kkonnect
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Getting APUS for your smart phone and make it the most happiest smart phone in the world! #APUS #thePerfectFriends #Smartphone