Here’s how to do ruffles the adult way. Make them yours with Marks and Spencer’s End of Season Sale at flat 50% off.
Reliance Fresh
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Find out how one of the shoppers at the #FullPaisaVasoolSale reacted to getting a buy 2 get 1 free on the Surf Excel Matic/Ariel Matic Top and Front Load!! Get this and many other deals at Reliance Fresh stores between 21st to 26th January!
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Here's all you need to know about the Senior Citizens Saving Scheme, which not only gives you tax benefits and assured returns, but also a regular payout! #AxeTheTax
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Coolest costumes ever! Shop the collection at H&M stores. #HMIndia #hmkids
Hero Cycles
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When it's all about to begin and there's no turning back. #SuperFightLeague #fightlikeahero #whatstoppingyou #herocycles
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Volini, the official recovery partner of The Wipro Chennai Marathon helped over 7000 runners recovers out of 14300 finishers! #RunRecoverRepeat
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Yamaha FZ25 360-degree walkaround
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Looking for a server that’s built for #cloud but not only for #cloud? To know more join us for a webinar today @ 3pm-[ Link ]
Enhance your business apps by predicting the next move with the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. Watch how the Cortana Intelligence Suite can make you a hero in the organization: [ Link ]
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Life just got easier with LYF. Assign gestures (c, e, o, w) to 4 of your favorite apps for easy access anytime, even from a locked screen, with the new F8 Smartphone+. #MyLYFMyWay

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What happens when you pour Coca Cola on the Samsung #GalaxyS7 Edge and an #iPhone and then freeze the phones?
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Here's what happens Before vs After buying the #iPhone7 :D
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Is this the coolest smartphones ever??? Moto #mottoz