Pearl explains, in this article she wrote, what it takes to open for a DJ like Eric Prydz.

If you're a DJ, or are curious about what DJs do.. or simply love electronic music, read it. And tag your friends who are DJs or want to become one.
A note we wrote.
Disclaimer: This is a very layman break down of the teaser for Manu, a feature film by Phanindra Narsetti. I am not at all educated in terms of direction or cinematography and I would like to present my views in the same perception. When Bahubali trailer was released, Phanindra did a scene wise break down. This is an attempt inspired from that. I don’t mean that I am equally qualified to do...
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Pearl's said a lot of nice things about me here. What she doesn't realise is how much her hard work and musical taste have influenced what I do and the artists I aspire to bring to our country.
The world is at a perilous juncture today where children are suffering more than ever. With so many catastrophes, conflicts, and incidents of grave exploitation and abuse, children are facing unprecedented challenges. This is why for the first time; Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi has convened the inaugural Laureates and Leaders for Children Summit to be held in New Delhi at the...
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Yoga joins UNESCO intangible world heritage-list
It's like those karmic laws. Some people give more than they receive. The movie camera understands that and develops an abiding love for the artiste. And if the actor is KPAC Lalitha, like unspooling the reels of film, it's an unending affair with the screen.

The movies have got smaller, they cannot contain her talent. Technology has taken over, loosely used words like New Generation films...
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I'm gonna be posting jiteshs writings on all our celebrated directors. This one is on the amazing KG George sir. Someone I knew very closely and a home that I've been to on countless occasions. Happy reading to all of you! J as always you have a way with words
This one on probably the greatest treasure of malayalam cinema - Padmarajan Sir! We are blessed to have simply been alive at the same time as these legends. J you took me back to when and where I first watched each of the films mentioned in your article.

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Jitesh Pillai (y)
Jitesh Pillai's remembers Bharathan Sir's movies :-) Its a straight throwback to good ol' days!
I will be joining Shobu Yarlagadda and Raja Koduri of AMD Radeon Technology, in a panel discussion on VR in cinema on the 16th of May, at 4 pm (GMT+2). Watch the discussion live via the official Baahubali facebook account at 8pm (IST). Send in questions, and we will try to answer them live from Cannes, France!
Good man, Sapan Verma.