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Me in Exams.
Times Music
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Kalakankar Foundation in association with Times Music presents Ganga Ji's aarti #JaiJaiGange in the melodious voice of sensational Akriti Kakar. Music video releasing tomorrow exclusively on Times Music YouTube channel...

Lyricist- Manoj Yadav | Music Composition- Akriti Kakar
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That's me :P
Being Indian
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When your life is in danger, but news is life
Goa Trance
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Festival Sherpa
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Hit pause to know which one's for you!

#WhichFestival #Pause
INOX Leisure Ltd.
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School of Rock, a film directed by Richard Linklater, is about struggling musician who inveigles his way into an American private school as a supply teacher.
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Brothers will be brothers
Goa Trance
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:) <3
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What irresistible but unhealthy food do you like best?
For me, I like hamburger best

[ Link ]
PrimeGlitz Media
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A call out to all the Quick guns, Muruguns! Are you fast enough to stop the GIF at the right time?

Take a screenshot, share it in the comments, to win Ola vouchers!

Sony Music India
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If this doesn't make you want to get up and dance then nothing will!
The evergreen #MoveOfTheDay:
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Never leave baby alone with dad
Apps Grill
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Remember MANTIS???
Apps Grill
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What!! :O :O
James Bond 007
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Rolling into the weekend. #FridayFeeling.
To find out more about Timothy Dalton visit
When music life but cooking is important!
Apps Grill
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Wow :O :O
Goa Trance
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