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Colors Kannada
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Sunday sanje 5kke Colors Kannada vaahini tune maadi remote na marthbido time! Akira, World TV Premier
Colors Kannada
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Olley Huduga Pratham ge ee varusha olledagli anno shubha haraike! #HappyBirthday Pratham
Colors Kannada
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Sadaa cool aagiro Hosting Star Akul Balaji ge Colors Kannada huttu habbada wishes koruttade!
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राणा नि अंजलीबाईंचा ह्यो झकास #Selfie हाय की न्हाय कडक ? आवडला तर नक्की Like करून Share करा ! Hardeek Joshi Akshaya Deodhar
Greater Kashmir
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Greater Kashmir cartoon | Inside out by Suhail Naqshbandi
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In one of the few #GoogleDoodles with a global reach, Google saluted NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the discovery of seven Earth-like exoplanets. Take a look!
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#InPhotos: Cops detained ABVP activists after their clash with AISA students at Delhi University:
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#FSpotted: Salman Khan at the music launch of Marathi film 'Rubiks Cube'
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शब्दांत व्यक्त न होणारं वडील आणि मुलाचं नातं. याच नात्याभोवती रंगलेला 'व्हेंटिलेटर'. पाहायला विसरू नका 'व्हेंटिलेटर'चा झी टॉकीज प्रीमिअर. रविवार, २६ फेब्रुवारी दुपारी १२ वा. आणि संध्याकाळी ६ वा. #AplaZeeTalkies
Zee Talkies
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'नवरी मिळे नवऱ्याला', 'माझा पती करोडपती', ‘अशी ही बनवाबनवी’ अशा चित्रपटांमधून रसिकप्रेक्षकांची मनं जिंकणारी सचिन-सुप्रिया यांची 'लय भारी जोडी'. #AplaZeeTalkies
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Maa TV
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Click on the link and be the first to get all exclusive stuff about #MeeloEvaruKoteeswarudu

Link : [ Link ]
Maa TV
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Fun filled comedy entertainer #SeemaTapakai..Today at 3 PM on Star Maa
Radio City
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Surat ki aisi kaunsi khass mithaai hai jo galti se bani thi?

1. It contains Mawa & malaai & quoted with Ghee.
2. It is always there in all the Surat festivals.

Asli Surti ho toh pehchano is mithaai ko aur comment karo :D

#RadioCity #Surat
Radio City
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Gear up for the 5th #RadioCityFreedomConcert today in #Chennai at 8pm & watch Suraj Mani and The Tattva Trip and Kulam perform #LIVE!

Click for details:

#RadioCityFreedomAwards Co- powered by Brand Factory Official in association with Pond's Cold Cream.
Business Today
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#Free #Credit Information #Report (CIR): What does it mean for you? [ Link ]
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CBEC launches Mobile App for #GST

In step with the Government’s Digital India initiative, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has launched a mobile application for Goods and Services Tax.

Taxpayers can readily access a host of GST information such as:

· Migration to GST-Approach and guidelines for migration

· Draft Law-Model GST Law, IGST Law and GST Compensation Law

· Draft...
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पुणें टेस्ट के पहले दिन ऑस्ट्रेलिया ने पहले दिन का खेल खत्म होने पर 9 विकेट के नुकसान पर 256 रन बना लिए हैं। दिन का खेल खत्म होने तक स्टॉर्क-57 और हेजेलवुड-1 रन बनाकर पिच पर नाबाद हैं। भारत के लिए तेज गेंदबाज उमेश ने 4 विकेट लिए।
ऑस्ट्रेलिया के कप्तान स्टीव स्मिथ ने टॉस जीत कर पहले बल्लेबाजी करने का निर्णय लिया है। वार्नर और रेनशॉ ने मेहमान टीम को अच्छी शुरुआत दी और पहले विकेट के लिए 82 रन...
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Ask your questions on '#H1BVisa Issues and challenges for India' with #EconomyToday and get answers from experts tomorrow at 9:30 am