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Indian government has taken many initiatives, not just to bring the focus on the food processing sector, but also to create an environment for it to flourish.

Interview with Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing, Government of India

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Practice #Metallurgy at Embibe to score well in your exam

Metallurgy - Embibe

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11 Greatest Mathematicians of All Time. #TransformationTuesday

11 Greatest Mathematicians of All Time

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Have you started learning #BinomialTheorem at Embibe yet?
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Binomial Theorem - Embibe

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Are we witnessing The last gasp of the two-state solution4 Palestine/Israel? Asks @ishaantharoor in @washingtonpost [ T.co Link ]

The last gasp of the two-state solution

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The fraying of the global liberal order & it's geopolitical implications, analysed by @ishaantharoor @washingtonpost [ T.co Link ]

The guardians of the liberal order now foresee its collapse

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We need "overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in [our] individual societies":
[ T.co Link ]. [ T.co Link ]

Martin Luther King, "It's A Dark Day In Our Nation"

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Nearly 77 million people in #India don't have access to safe drinking water. However, a solar powered system could give villages in India access to safe drinking water.

#Sanitation #Water4All #RuralIndia #Development

Solar-powered system could give remote Indian villages safe drinking...

Berlin attracts creatives, developers and start-up founders as does no other German city. Here the eyewear fashion industry is awaking from its deep slumber.

Berlin, city of eyewear manufacture

Odisha police file case against Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s brother.

Odisha police file case against Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s brother

Programs That Are Predatory—It’s Not Just the For-Profit Colleges: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Programs That Are Predatory: It’s Not Just the For-Profit Colleges

Self-guided tractors allow farmers to cut fuel costs, reduce equipment wear and tear, and plan better for the future. John Deere and NASA have joined forces to create a new era of precision agriculture, which has lowered costs, increased yields and improved quality worldwide. [ Goo.gl Link ]

How space tech launched self-driving tractors | ShareAmerica

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Bhawna, wife of paedophile Sunil Rastogi said her husband has been in and out of prison more than 40 times in the past 15 years, sometimes for molesting girls, but she never imagined he would have raped minor girls.

‘Good that he’s been caught’: Wife of Delhi ‘serial rapist’ doesn’t want to lament

HT for Delhi
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Sunil Rastogi confessed to have assaulted over 60 minor girls across Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and has provided the Delhi Police with a list of locations where he used to take the victims.

Delhi ‘paedophile’ raped girls on rooftops, threatened to throw them

The subsidy works more or less like garment sellers who offer big discounts on marked-up rates

Is Haj Subsidy A Sleight Of Hand To Keep Air India Afloat?

Food served to soldiers at high altitudes doesn’t suit their palate, reveals a new army report that has called for replacing it with something that tastes better. The report...

Army’s high altitude diet ‘not tasty’, better food can motivate troops: Report

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A walkway to come up for visitors so that they can move around without the hassle of taking the main road

Golkonda, 7 tombs to be linked


Like the official FB page of India in Seychelles (High Commission of India, Victoria)

India in Seychelles (High Commission of India, Victoria)


Like the official FB page of India in Poland (Embassy of India, Warsaw)

India in Poland (Embassy of India, Warsaw)