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"Many of us had the care, love and protection that we needed... but for 40% of India's children who are in need of care and protection, that's not the case."Join us on Feb 25 and learn how you can play a part and meet an Impact partner that is helping the children you see in the video by attending Rangdezvous VIII - Guardians of Dreams.
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Big Data certification on your mind? Then this tutorial is for you.
Learn about the different Big Data certifications available for you, Big Data job trends, and more. [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Big Data Certification | Hadoop Certification | Cloudera Certification | Edureka

This Edureka Big Data Certification Tutorial will help you to prepare yourself for Big Data and Hadoop certifications by Cloudera/Hortonworks. Learn about al...

Press Conference
Bharatsinh Solanki
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275 अयोध्या विधानसभा पहुचने पर प्रत्याशी श्री वेद प्रकाश गुप्त जी के जन समर्थन में आयोजित जन सभा में
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दिल्ली सरकार , आम आदमी की सरकार
Ojas from Operations moved past a stagnant career by managing work and studies with the help of SMU-DE's full-time academic advisor who helped him to keep a balance and never forget an important date.
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पुराने तरीकों से अमन गुप्ता ने नाता तोड़ा, डिजि-धन से नयी उद्योग कला से खुद को जोड़ा | #TransformingIndia #VoiceofIndia

Know more - [ Mygov.in Link ]
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2 years of MADAD: Helping the Diaspora away from home [ Mygov.in Link ] #TransformingIndia