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Pat Lam knows that Connacht will likely need a play-off to get into the Champions Cup next season, but he says the rules that guarantee Scottish and Italian sides a place need to be changed.

No more special treatment for Scottish and Italians in Champions Cup race, says Lam
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Fairytales don’t often happen in sport, but St Patrick’s Day 2007 is about as close to one as you’ll ever get.

An indelible, groundbreaking and defining day for Irish cricket.

A day the team stood up, puffed its chest out and announced themselves on the world stage.

'As amateurs we had the chance to do something special in front of millions of people'
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Keith Fahey has a love-hate relationship with football.

Playing the game itself is his passion. In a senior career spanning 13 years, he excelled in the game at various levels, with high points including a League Cup triumph with Birmingham in 2011 and an FAI Cup victory with St Pat’s in 2014, in addition to scoring three goals in 16 caps for Ireland.

On the other hand, it’s everything in...
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‘I never enjoyed life outside of football... There’s not much you can do’
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Just swipe right for the bits you like and left the ones you don't!

Meet The App That's Like Tinder For Online Shopping!
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And it's got nothing to do with eating for two

This One Thing Determines Pregnancy Weight Gain
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And chances are you already own the product you need

Forget Overlining, This Is How To Get A Natural-Looking Full Pout
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‘British ambassadors, British enterprise saw Diana as a powerful new weapon for UK PLC, an international face for a traditional institution, combining the best of all worlds’

How Princess Diana Made Herself A Star As Her Marriage Broke Down
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Dunboyne Castle Hotel has teamed up with Debenhams to put on a wedding showcase featuring all the things brides need to think about before their big day

Visit The Spectacular Dunboyne Castle Hotel Wedding Event Next Month
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Ah Penneys, where would you be without it!

Penneys Has Everything You Need For Your Wedding Day
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