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The latest issue of the Motor Magazine looks at 5 new off-roaders that can actually handle more than the school run, what are the safest cars on sale today and the 10 most popular cars in the Irish second-hand market.
Plus the weeks latest motor news, reviews, tips and DoneDeal bargains.

Our Wedding Showcase is today at 12.00-4.30 looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Make it a #SuperSunday and bring some gourmet jelly beans with you on your adventures to #FlavourYourDay
LloydsPharmacy Ireland
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Our Emergency Contraception Service is discreet and comprehensive, and is available during all opening hours.

Our pharmacist will take you through a short questionnaire in the privacy of our care room. This will determine whether it is suitable for you to take the medication. If for any reason it is not suitable, we will direct you to another source of help and support.

The medication...
View details ⇨
Hairy Baby
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Crisp Sandwich anyone?
Hairy Baby
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Have ya got any frontage have ya?
Tour America
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Don't look down!

Would you be brave enough to ride The Ultimate Abyss on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas?
Easons Ireland
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Julian Clary visits Eason Dundrum on March 25th at 4pm to sign copies of his fantastic children's book The Bolds on Holiday!
Skydive Ireland
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Feeling Alive

Book your skydive today:
The Happy Pear
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"Curries, Kormas & Take-Away Alternatives"
This recipe playlist literally has all you need for endless delicious weekend dinners! Enjoy

Curries, Kormas & Take-Away Alternatives - YouTube
The Happy Pear
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Sunday morning #swimrise smiles ✨
What a fab Spring morning out there
Wish you a fab Sunday
Big shout out to all the gang who joined
Mercedes-Benz Ireland
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#Sunday driving ... #Classic style with the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster. #SL
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Have a fresh and light start to the day with a #Keelings berry granola parfait. #SundayBreakfast #Delicious
Check out the recipe: [ Link ]
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Invisible driver prank-Suprised it didn't cause a crash!
Mr Price
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Mr Price
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Sunway Holidays
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"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!" Why not pack a gluten free picnic and head off on one of Ireland's beautiful trails! [ Link ]
Off to visit the 15th century Donegal Castle for a guided tour, have you been?

[ Link ]
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Film of the Day: Sexy Beast (2000)
From British director Jonathan Glazer, this is a jubilantly in-your-face crime thriller, one of our very best. Foul-mouthed force-of-nature Ben Kingsley recruits retired safecracker Ray Winstone for one last job in this surprising, often hilarious crime flick.
“I won’t let you be happy - why should I?”

Sexy Beast