Una Healy
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Pierce Brosnan
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What's so funny ?
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We need a name...Edge
Jennifer Wrynne
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How fabbbbb does Katherine Lynch look tonight on Dancing with the Stars wearing this black feather beaded headpiece I made for her?! Amazing ❤
Jennifer Wrynne
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Having a fab day at #WeddingsToATea in the Armada Spanish Point with Holly.ie Leanne Moore & Facesbygrace ❤
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Ryan Dolan
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Anyone else remember doing this as a kid?
If you're bored at the moment and want to listen back to some of the topics from last week. Click here for all the Dublin Talks podcasts. There's some great stuff uploaded for you >>

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Donal Skehan
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Planning out what to cook this week? Check out my Soups & Stews roundup below! :)
Donal Skehan
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My best chocolate chip cookie recipe just went live on my YouTube channel!
Donal Skehan
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Spicy, salty and roasted: Easy Middle Eastern meals in my @TheIrishTimes Magazine column this week including my Sticky Roast Carrots Salad and my Ras-el-hanout Chicken Thighs with Baked Feta and Shaved Salad!
Donal Skehan
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Attention! :)

If you do one thing this week, make sure it's baking today's new recipe...Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Buttsy Butler
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2009 I first met Avenged Sevenfolds Bass Player Johnny Christ on the Gumball Rally where we drove and partied for a week from LA to Miami stopping in Vegas, Santa Fe, New Orleans and Orlando. Thanks for the awesome show last night #AvengedSevenfold #GumballFamily
Buttsy Butler
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Pretty epic view last night at @avengedsevenfold ah the O2 Arena. Thanks to Bass Player and Gumballer Johnny Christ for the tickets #AvengedSevenfold #London #Gumball3000
Close your eyes.
Maybe you smell one of the fruits or see a particular colour?

. ~ Karina ~
Bell X1
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Massive thanks to Kevin & Kathy at The Thomas House for hosting our Olympia Aftershow party last night.
Great people, Great boozer, Great memories xx
Rend Collective
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Some of you may already know that we released an e-book this month, a short collections of devotionals to guide you through the record #CAMPFIREII. So in honour of that we're giving away a SIGNED copy of our Campfire II vinyl to one lucky winner! All you have to do to be entered is post a picture of how you're enjoying the e-book on your tablet, Kindle or phone and tag @rendcollective! We'll...
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Una Healy
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Pulling silly faces ???? #sundayselfie and yes I'm Anna here.. Aoife Belle dressed me up!
Triton Lake Powerscourt Gardens, Co. Wicklow. A must see if you ever find yourself in Ireland.

Hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday