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Superbowl parties in Dublin pubs 2017 | Publin
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Consolata Boyle has received her second Oscar nomination for costume design. Congratulations Consolata! #2017AcademyAwards [ Link ]

Here's why Irish costume designer Consolata Boyle deserves to take home that Oscar
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Ruth Negga has been nominated in the Best Actress category at the #2017AcademyAwards. Congratulations Ruth! [ Link ]

Oscars 2017: Ruth Negga nominated for Best Actress award
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Avocado cocktails are healthy right? ;-)

8 Avocado Dishes You Must Try - Dine In Dublin
"Where I found Chanticleer most at home was luxuriating in the decadently jazz harmonies of Gershwin, Piaf and Coward, and judging from the enthusiastic applause, keeping a large part of their target audience very happy indeed. They were intelligent enough however to revel in the more recherché harmonic side of the arrangements with 9ths, 11ths and 13ths abounding. The closing song of Freddy...
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Chanticleer charms with wide-ranging programme in Dublin | by Bachtrack for classical music, opera, ballet and dance event reviews
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Dublin Day Trips.... Fringed with coastal gems, from castles and cliffs to beaches and restaurants. Take a day trip and discover a different side to Dublin...

Dublin Bay Highlights | Visit Dublin
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The policy now states that anyone who lives their life as a female is welcome to join


Girl Guides Ireland Has Changed Its Policy To Accept Transgender Girls
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You're mentally checked out of work at this point, so you may as well do this quiz

Can You Answer These 25 Pub Quiz Questions Without Making A Mistake?
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The Boom Is Officially Back - Ireland Six Nations Tickets Are Going For Over €1000
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Brexit has an aiight ring to it, but Quitaly is a stroke of genius


This Map Suggests Names For Every Possible European Country's Exit From The EU
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Customers will get a full refund when they return them, with no need for a receipt

IKEA Has Recalled This Object Sold At Its Dublin Store After Five People Have Been Injured
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