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How have we not had any applications for the best boy! George doesn't understand it either! This is his incredulous face.....
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Being in a union is a way of making sure your workplace rights are enforced and you have someone in your corner if you end up in a dispute with your employer.

How to join a Trade Union - SpunOut.ie

Unislim Clubs
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We all know how tempting it is to reach for that packet of crisps or bar of chocolate after a stressful day. Food is often seen as a way of relaxing our stress levels, and can be seen as a source of comfort.
However, behaving like this will increase our weight. We’ve put together 10 healthy foods you can prepare to help you beat stress. <3
Let us know how you beat stress in the comments below...
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Stress-Busting Foods - Unislim

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If there’s one resolution you make this year, stop checking your phone before you go to bed. Lack of sleep can increase the risk of becoming overweight and affect your health in other ways. Read more here: [ Mirror.co.uk Link ]
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Catch our friend Dr. Eva Orsmond on Dancing With The Stars tonight at 6:30 on RTE! Dr. Eva Orsmond is a huge ISPCA supporter joined us in 2016 for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, leading Team ISPCA to the finish line and we want to wish her the best of luck tonight! Tune in and vote tonight at 6:30 on RTE.
Sinn Féin Ireland
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Yesterday the Mansion house in Dublin hosted a Uniting Ireland Conference on the 98th Anniversary of the first meeting of Dáil Éireann. As well s a key note speech by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD there was a lively panel discussion on the subject. The large audience heard views from Alex Kane, Brian Feeney, Cat Boyd, Kevin Meagher amongst others, and our own Mary Lou McDonald TD and...
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Sinn Féin Ireland
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Sinn Féin MPs Paul Maskey and Francie Molloy met with the Electoral Office to discuss their concerns at the fact that 60,000 people have been removed from the electoral register. They encouraged everyone to make sure they are eligible to vote in the upcoming Assembly election on March 2.
Ex Kerry pound.
Photo five.
Pheasant is an ex hunting boy, deemed gun shy so was seen as worthless. Most of these dogs end up being shot by their owner, so he is lucky to end up in the pound. He is extremely thin but thankfully not frightened by human contact with us. Weak and badly needs feeding he will in time make a beautiful dog. Such a kind, quiet nature and since Friday all he is doing...
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Roisin as a baby and now 7 years on- thank you to everyone that has adopted her!
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Love this! x
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This little boy's wonderful story has a happy ending. Read on, but keep the tissues handy!

After Nearly Three Years, This Little Boy Celebrates His Adoption

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***WIN!*** We have the perfect prize to help you shake off the January blues! A two night city break at the 4 star Malone Lodge Hotel Belfast worth up to €400! Who wants it?
Here's the link to enter: [ Ow.ly Link ] Be sure you're logged in so you can see the question. Good luck, everyone! x
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Do you have a little 'dresser-upper'?
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Do you know that sex can keep you looking young? Yes, really! Here's 10 great reasons for 'doing it' more!

10 Surprising Sex Facts.

What To Cook This Week With Bord Bia

Bord Bia - Irish Food Board

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Sounds about right.
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"Now? Now I can't get enough of his energy and his tractors and his dirty knees and his messy hair."

THIS Is What Happened When I Really, Really Wanted Another Girl – And Had A Boy