Sinn Féin Ireland
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The Talks process has run its course.

Sinn Féin will not be nominating for the position of Speaker or the Executive Office tomorrow.

Sinn Féin in the talks sought the full implementation of the outstanding issues of equality and rights. The governments and the DUP have failed to step up to the plate.

Sinn Féin is still intent on honouring our mandate and agreements made. We want to see...
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When so many people are at risk of starvation, we just have to help.
Unislim Clubs
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It's Spring Clean Time!

Now that Spring has sprung, there is a feeling of renewed freshness in the air. It’s amazing how a new season can give new focus, new determination
and new goals. Get to class this week for lots of tips and ideas to help you clear the clutter. [ Link ]

Post your Spring clean pics below x
#TogetherWeRule #MojoMarch
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Sinn Féin Ireland
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There has been no substantive progress in the talks at Stormont Castle because the DUP and the British and Irish governments have failed to step up to the plate.

Sinn Féin is still intent on honouring our mandate and agreements made. We want to see the institutions restored but there can be no return to the status quo.
SEDA College
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Today, we are celebrating Mother's Day. At SEDA, we asked some students and staff to describe their mothers using just a word (or a few words). The result is heart melting. <3

Happy Mother's Day!
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These 1-minute yoga videos are perfect for fitting into your busy day! This hip exercise can help to realign your whole body. See more hip stretches here: [ Link ]
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Happy Mother's Day. To celebrate, we have 5 pairs of tickets to give away to our festival Bloom, ranked #1 in Ireland. Just tag someone you'd bring to enter
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SEDA College
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Na Irlanda, o Dia das Mães será comemorado neste domingo. Nossa aluna, Wendy, teve a oportunidade de fazer uma surpresa para a mãe dela, que não só veio visitar a filha, mas também estudar três meses aqui na SEDA. Que privilégio, hein! Confira como foi o reencontro! <3
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Today is #ReadTolkienDay! Be inspired to read today by the man who wrote The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit books. [ Link ]
Sinn Féin Ireland
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A lament played at the funeral of Martin McGuinness by Matt Molloy.

The death of people doesn’t banish them out of your consciousness.
They are part of the light in your mind.
Martin you remain our light. Your leadership, your legacy and your vision lives on in each and every one of
It will forever be in the laughter of our children.

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SEDA College
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Nós acreditamos que o intercâmbio é muito mais que aprender um novo idioma, é se transformar, crescer, ampliar, melhorar, amadurecer, aprender, compartilhar, ensinar, rir, chorar, curtir, trabalhar, viajar, conhecer, reaprender...isso nos motiva!

Acesse o site:
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We LOVE supporting & celebrating mothers every day! Welcome to your new eumom website from the eumom team, our mom experts, contributors & our amazing community of moms! (That's you!!)
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This amazing woman Tao Porchon-Lynch is 98 and the oldest Yoga teacher in the world! It shows that you can be whatever you want to be, regardless of your age. Become a yogi with our free online courses here: [ Link ]
Computer and IT skills are do not come naturally to many of us, and finding someone patient enough to teach you can be very difficult! But with Alison's free online tutorial, you can become an IT whizz while learning at your own pace. Start now: [ Link ]
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All moms love their kids - no matter how crazy they are!