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"Reggae music don't really focus on one thing, you know. If reggae music is speaking about the struggle of people, and the suffering, it don't mean black people. It mean people in general."

- Burning Spear
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Oh men
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Feed a nation...

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This was certainly a generation ago
The country is still in a very precarious position. Jamaica’s Debt is still the highest in the Caribbean. We still face tremendous risks to our economic stability from Energy Price instability in the global marketsfrom rising interest rates in global financial markets. Geo-political issues like BREXIT, Political changes in the U.S. and our region also loom large.

Now is not a time for...
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The Manifestation of this Government’s impulse to put political, and I dare say Party Political Interests ahead of sound economic management is no more evident than in the additional vote of 600M dollars for bushing in the midst of a cash starved health system and educational system being denied resources to deliver properly on their mandate, the government in the middle of an election...
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Mikael Phillips asked an important question about the fluidity surrounding the budget of the controversial de-bushing exercise; which contrary to the PMs announcements is yet to include any real drain cleaning and road patching although the 606M is almost done. And estimated to climb to sum 800M.

As such, what is the total amount of taxpayer's money that is being committed to this program?...
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Reminding the Finance Minister Shaw that his previous opinions regarding the public sector wage agreement was to 'Double It!'
While I support the liability management exercise. I am equally anxious to know that we took the decision w/ some assessment of where it will put us next fiscal year #questionsinparliament #askingforprojections #Finance #Budget
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If you know about human hair then you know it does not get any better than Indian temple hair !!!!
Dr Peter Phillips urged the Government today to provide money to the ECJ for the reverification of the voters list as it needs cleaning to reflect the true voting population. The Minister of Finance has taken the suggestion on board to be completed in the next 2 fiscal years. The last verification was done 10 years ago under the PNP
Regarding the $600 million debushing programme, in November 2016 Jamaica House said the NWA selected contractors using the emergency procurement methodology but at PAAC meeting in January 2017 NWA it did no such thing. It received the names of the 5 contractors from the Cabinet.

PNP is calling for truth telling from the Government. The nation deserves no less
$432M had been allocated to the Ministry of National Security for the procurement of 200 vehicles at the start of the financial year but the vehicles have not yet been acquired. #PAACReport #ParliamentLive.... Is the government serious about fighting crime??
Though $2.685 billion allocated to National Security Ministry, the JDF is the main beneficiary. Nothing for the resource-weak JCF while crime increases #PAACReport #ParliamentLive
Dr. Wykeham McNeill: "No provision in the Supplementary Estimates for the continuing oil hedging to mitigate against possible sharp increases in the price of oil." #PAACReport
Dr. Peter Phillips asking questions of the Prime Minister about Government's new procurement process for the awarding of contracts.
Dr. Omar Davis and Richard Azan asking questions of the Prime Minister about Government's new procurement process for the awarding of contracts.
Today Parliament debates the Supplementary Estimates. Tune in to PBCJ and watch the Opposition work on behalf of the Jamaican people.
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#HypeLifeCelebs: #BobMarley ????