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VIDEO: Here is a reason why you should pay attention to your child. Wait till the end...
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I am a Jamaican
I am a Jamaican
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VIDEO: This Guy Makes Over A Dozen Animal Sounds With His Mouth and Is Unbelievably Great. He Could Easily Fill Noah's Ark #videooftheday
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VIDEO: When Caribbean People Land at the Airport #jamaicansbelike via @wimatch
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VIDEO: Nice...This Walmart manager helped this family pay for their groceries! via familysharing #actofkindness
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VIDEO: This Parrot Cries Just Like A Baby
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VIDEO: Have a laugh as this man wants to give back his automatic gear car
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VIDEO: Watch this NYC subway marriage proposal for a green card
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VIDEO: If you are a parent which number will you press?
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Heneka Watkis-Porter LIVE - Natalie Hunter, a Jamaican who now resides in the USA talks to host Heneka Watkis-Porter. #wejaminate #jamaicansinusa
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Marlon Hill Joined me in Studio to talk about the Diaspora movement and his Diaspora Day of
Service project in St Elizabeth. Interviews with Keisha Tingling (coordinator for Day of Service projects from the Diaspora); Annmarie Richards, who houses more than 50 persons from the streets of Clarendon, Claudette Powell, lead coordinator for the JAAC health and education missions....
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VIDEO: Check your pool for alligators before diving in...crazy
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VIDEO: These South African kids have dancing moves that will make you smile...
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VIDEO: Have you eaten at Excell's Kingston Eatery in Brooklyn? Do they make the best Jerk foods in New York? #jamaicanfood
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VIDEO: Do you agree things are no longer built to last and that we need more repair shops?
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Meet Bianca from New Orleans!

Her first time in Jamaica, and she is now performing at STEAK NUIT A CRU!