Andrew Holness
03/22/2017 at 14:52. Facebook
Prime Minister's Press Briefing
Andrew Holness
03/22/2017 at 14:26. Facebook
Prime Minister's Press Briefing
Andrew Holness
03/22/2017 at 00:21. Facebook
Our Constitution and the Charter of Rights, guarantees, “the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in the execution of the sentence of a court…”

The Charter makes it clear that, “the state has an obligation to promote universal respect for; and observance of human rights and freedoms.” Within the general scheme of our Constitution...
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Andrew Holness
03/21/2017 at 23:45. Facebook
There is a connection between the effective management of our public accounts and fiscal affairs and our economic growth.

The important thing is that Jamaicans are now beginning to realize that our future is connected to our present actions. Given our present situation, we have no option but to grow. My observation from being in Parliament for 20 years is that we do not look at the big...
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Andrew Holness
03/21/2017 at 23:15. Facebook
The tax system has to be overhauled and reformed to promote greater reliability, equity, and economic efficiency.

Indirect taxes, collected upfront are inescapable, making them reliable as sources of revenue and, because everyone pays, they are horizontally equitable, meaning everyone of the same circumstance bears the same burden. For the same reason, however, they can introduce vertical...
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Andrew Holness
03/20/2017 at 15:23. Facebook
Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited Press Conference
Andrew Holness
03/17/2017 at 19:54. Facebook
Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the plans for a new Parliamentary complex will borrow on the expertise of all relevant local skillsets.

In a statement today, the prime minister said purposeful efforts will be made to include Jamaicans in the design and execution of the project. He said this was always the intention of the Government.

"We are at a preliminary stage currently and I wish...
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Lisa Hanna
03/17/2017 at 01:37. Facebook
Today I sat behind her and watched The Most Honorable PORTIA Simpson Miller give her final parliamentary address as the Leader of the Opposition. Over 40 years of dedicated service to Jamaica ... from the hills of Woodhall to Jamaica House #RespectDue to PSM

As she left the Parliament I walked behind to capture the historic moment
The Government of Jamaica (GOJ), through the Urban Development Corporation, UDC, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China Construction Company of America, CCA (South America Division) for the Government of Jamaica Parliament and Government Offices Oval Zone project.

In concentrating development effort we could become the catalyst for the wider redevelopment of the...
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Building Confidence doesn't happen overnight it's takes practice to overcome peer pressure and fear
#YourBestU @dorianaclarke
It is important that our entrepreneurs begin to reap their own crop of prosperity.

We want to encourage you, the entrepreneurs of Jamaica, to continue the hard work towards building our great Jamaica.

The Government is committed to supporting our entrepreneurs as we build a strong economy. As such we will amend the Insurance Act. The Government will also put in place 'Crop and Livestock...
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We recognise the critical importance of human development and training to achieving our economic growth targets. The administration has taken the necessary steps to make it easier for Jamaicans to learn and earn.

The Student Loan Bureau (SLB) will be reducing its interest rates on loans for study in the areas of Maritime and Logistics, Agriculture, Engineering, and Information and...
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Your Government promised and delivered. Effective April 1 2017, almost 400,000 persons will now be exempt from paying income tax because they are now below the $1.5 million tax threshold.

Promise made, promise kept.
My administration will take the steps necessary to improve the management and governance structures of the National Housing Trust (NHT).

Jamaica’s problem is not ideas, we produce some of the brightest people in the word, Jamaica’s problem is not conceiving things; Jamaica’s problem is not trying to figure out how to solve a problem. Jamaica’s problem is implementation, getting things done,...
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Robert Lightbourne was certainly ablaze for the launch of the Parish Histories of Jamaica project, but don't just take our word for it, have a look!
#ParishHistoriesofJamaca #JNFoundation #StThomas #LaunchDay
The Jamaica Defence Force is currently engaged in an islandwide recruitment drive. The JDF needs patriotic Jamaicans who want to contribute to the maintenance and protection of our borders and domestic spaces.

You can contribute to the fight against crime by joining the Jamaica Defence Force.

In this video Sub Lieutenant Burke of the JDF Coast Guard explains her important role and why she...
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Happy Monday to you. Let's pause to admire the beauty of our country. #LoveJamaica
Miss Buffalo Soldier ... love love love this!!!
Thanks @ragashanti for this powerful message @romarley @bobmarley
Whatever we are doing will be sustainable. It will be fair. It will be based on merit and it will be smart. We are not making decisions for selfish reasons or making kneejerk reactions. We do our research and we do what is in the best interest of our people.

I ask for wisdom and strength so that I am able to see things for what they truly are, not what we think they are or comfortable with....
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I must make it clear that Dancehall is a national asset for Jamaica. A product that is of great value to us. We must do what we can to protect the art and culture of our music and my recommendation to entertainers is that Dancehall music must be used to elevate people more.