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Shapeshifter are giving out a double pass to the Shapeshifter and Guests, Whangamata, Anniversary Weekend gig! Tell us below, which mate of yours will froth the hardest for this show and it could be yours!
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Itโ€™s back and this time, itโ€™s bigger! Tell us your top songs now.

George FM Biggest Bangers Countdown
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HOLY F*CK... This looks incredible!!!

Watch the new LOGAN trailer
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The man who rescued four family members from their burning vehicle in 2015 has become the first New Zealander in nearly 50 years to be awarded a UK bravery award.

DETAILS: [ Link ]

Fiery rescue earns New Zealander rare bravery award
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โ€œI could hardly get out of bed and I was having suicidal thoughts."

MORE: [ Link ]

Mouldy boob job nearly killed me
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Missed this morning's top stories?

Here's what you need to know.
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Trump has also said deals will only be signed if they favoured the US.

DETAILS: [ Link ]

Trump set to kill TPP with New Zealand on first day as president
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#BREAKING: New Zealand rally driver Haydon Paddon has been involved in an accident on the opening stage of the Monte Carlo rally, with initial reports saying he hit a spectator.

Kiwi rally driver Hayden Paddon in spectacular crash, spectator involved
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"It is a condition of patrons attending games that their images may be used for promotional purposes."

STORY: [ Link ]

'I don't even know if she's single': Aaron Smith's girlfriend used in NRL Nines singles promo
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A woman was walking her dog in a public reserve on Thursday night when it was fatally injured.

Police downplay Auckland dog shooting
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#BREAKING: An Auckland man who lost three of his family members in a tragic house fire last month has died.

Man who lost three family members in fatal Auckland fire dies
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"I was inside and suddenly I felt the building is shaking and is about to collapse. As we gathered colleagues and got out, a minute later the building collapsed."


At least 20 trapped firefighters dead in high-rise collapse
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Parents are being urged to prepare ahead of an expected spike in asthma attacks among students returning to school after the holidays.

Spike in asthma attacks expected
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Today marks six decades on the ice for New Zealanders' at Scott Base, Antarctica!

"Back in 1957, such morning teas were usually enjoyed with a flask of beer but we're subbing that out for a pot of milo."

New Zealand's Antarctic base celebrates 60 years
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Rescue teams are fearing the worst in Italy with no signs of life evident at a mountain hotel that was buried by an avalanche.

There are believed to be at least 30 people buried under the avalanche.

DETAILS: [ Link ]

'Many dead' after avalanche destroys, buries Italian hotel
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When Vodafone Warriors legend Ruben Wiki broached the subject of pulling the boots back on for the NRL Auckland Nines, he got a decidedly mixed response from his family.

"YOLO Dad."

Warriors legend Ruben Wiki to come out of retirement for Auckland NRL Nines
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Alli Betts made breakfast at 3am. Her husband woke to find tea bags in the toaster.

A dementia sufferer's story: 'She was scared, but she was brave'
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A tourist whose shoes were stolen has a Cinderella moment, after a generous stranger gave her a pair of shoes that fit perfectly.

Swedish tourist goes tramping in socks and sandals on Mount Taranaki