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An incredible timelapse has emerged showing lava flowing down the slopes of Mount Etna, Europe’s largest and most active volcano, after it erupted last week.

Credit: storyful
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#Watch Labour and the Greens have agreed on a joint set of Budget rules.
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#Watch Overnight update: The attacker who killed four people in London has been named while Adele charmed her New Zealand fans. These are the stories that broke around the world while you were sleeping.
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A concert that's been described as the perfect combination of banter, bugs and ballads, Adele's first ever NZ show did not disappoint.

Check out why she thinks New Zealand is better than our Aussie neighbours.

You can find all the highlights from last night here: [ Link ]
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This is important to know if you have older kids using even with a private account :(
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There have been calls for dairy owners to take responsibility for the risks associated with running convenience stores.

A public meeting in Auckland last night saw heated exchanges as the issue of violent dairy robberies was discussed.

Should dairy owners take responsibility for risks such as violent crimes?
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A community meeting in Auckland has heard that tobacco companies should take responsibility for violent dairy robberies, where cigarettes have been stolen.

There have also been calls for Indian owned dairies to stop selling cigarettes as they encourage young offenders.

Should dairies stop selling cigarettes?

Should cigarette manufacturers be held responsible for...
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Repco Beach Hop 17 Castro Edge Thunder Cruise.
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Braver United #JusticeLeague #Batman #UniteTheLeague
Roadshow Films NZ
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Bolder United #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #UniteTheLeague
Live from Auckland to launch the Budget Responsibility Rules, Labour and Green Parties' fiscal framework.
We've created new budget rules with the New Zealand Labour Party to help us build a sustainable and stable future for everyone.

Find out more at [ Link ]
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Getting stronger can be dangerous if you don’t do it right: [ Link ]
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"That's the standard I can play at and I want to play at."

Second ANZ Test hundred hero Henry Nicholls - hungry for more ahead of game 3 #NZvSA
When you score during your 100th #NRL game

A sad last day here at Aurora Tattoo Studio in Lancaster! Was privileged to be involved with a fun promo shoot with the boys
Thanks Aurora!
comeback outta nowhere at the arnold classic gr8 job
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Our Group Chief Marketing Officer, Allan Collins, interviews DRU Assist to see if he’s got the skills to help serve our customers when placing their order! Have you placed an order with DRU Assist yet? Try DRU Assist today by downloading our app (in Google Play or the App store) and tapping DRU’s face to get started. #DRUassist