Star Wars
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Han Solo – Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. A new Star Wars Story begins. [ Link ]
Illegal Musik
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Sony Pictures
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T2 Trainspotting has already been Certified Fresh at 76% on the Tomatometer! #T2Trainspotting arrives in cinemas TOMORROW.

T2 Trainspotting
Seven Sharp
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While scientists have devised a way for sauce to pour more easily, it won't hit the market for a couple of years.

So in the mean time Tim Wilson took to the streets to find out how people get to the bottom of their tomato sauce bottles.

Reporter takes to streets with ultimate test: How to get final dregs out of tomato sauce bottle?
Seven Sharp
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Celebrated Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser created world famous toilets in Kawakawa, and now a new project centred around his work is tipped to be a huge economic boom for Northland.

'It will be the symbol of Whangarei' – Hundertwasser-designed art centre tipped for Northland
Si & Gary
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Wow. Bruce Springsteen - encore
Si & Gary
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Bruce Springsteen Christchurch encore
Frustration. Despair. Resentment.

All words used to describe a young Megan when Simon Barnett didn't reply to her What Now fan mail.

20 years later, we want to rectify it #SimonPlsReply
Polly Gillespie
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Taking the puppy I've officially dog-napped for a walk in Hip Valley...
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Shrouded in black are the names of the 185 victims who lost their lives almost exactly six years ago during the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.

We'll be live from Christchurch tomorrow at 6am as we look back at the tragedy on its anniversary and remember the lives lost.

Touching tribute - 185 Canterbury quake victims memorialised on wall unveiled to families
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The solution? A non-toxic coating that makes bottles super-slippery.

Video: Scientists solve struggle squeezing last drop of tomato sauce from bottle
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The swell of support came after Pharmac announced it was considering subsidies on sanitary products.

Massive support for NZ drug-buying agency Pharmac to fund pads and tampons
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You can always trust Ant-Man to wing it.
Star Wars
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Hands up if Jyn is your favourite rebel.
Te Karere
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Te Karere
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Te Karere
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Te Karere
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“There are 64 living wage employers that do pay the living wage and what that does is does good things in the community financially, and probably will create more jobs.” – Syd Keepa, unionist

Syd Keepa calls on employers to pay living wage

A Māori unionist is encouraging employers to pay the 'living wage' of $20.20 an hour from July 01. Syd Keepa says the cost of living continues to go up with ...