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Meet Australia's very own Bridget Jones - Lily Woodward! Get ready to follow her search for Mr Right.

The Wrong Girl | Starts Monday 8.30pm, straight after The Bachelor New Zealand.
George FM
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Big weekend coming up? Another $1000 cash is up for grabs in this week's MusicLab! --> [ Link ]
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A new day, a new heat record for Australia - stay cool out there!

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TBT! The Hills marathon all day today, followed by a brand new special at 10pm!
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Meet Winston, the sledding cat. He's pretty chill.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tag the biggest d**khead you know...
Only nine more sleeps until the poo hits!

Relive precious Christmas memories with some vintage South Park clips: [ Link ]
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*Mic drop*

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John Key's seven most cringeworthy moments - this is one of them.

Hanging out for your monthly fix of NZPC? Never fear, as tomorrow morning this will be greeting you at your local. Featuring lots of shit you've never seen before - because that's how we roll. The first ten people to post up a shot of their copy in this post will get a FREE poster book.
Introducing the 2017 NISMO GT500 GT-R. 25% less downforce than 2016, 600hp 2 litre turbo,1000kg race weight, bigger wing and, and an appearance much closer to the road going GT-R. Can Nissan earn their third Super GT Championship in 2017?
Catch the action LIVE on SKY Sport!
We will have LIVE coverage of the U.S election all day tomorrow on Twitter. Follow us @ComedyCentralAU and may God have mercy on all our souls.
Keen on a pair of New Balance Monos from Red Rat Clothing, as seen in NZPC 240? Tag a mate in this post that is rocking some beat-up kicks cause he spends all his cash on his car and youโ€™re both in the draw. We will pick a winner Friday.
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How many taps for you to stop the planes?
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Haha gold!
Wait for it...
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It's our birthday today guys!

A BIG thanks to SKY TV for the past 10 years and here's to many more!
Jackass (TV series) Marathon 1pm today!