We have a long history of defending nature. This month marks 20 years since Native Forest Action (NFA) occupied rimu and beech forests to stop native forests being logged on the West Coast. Forest & Bird joined the coalition of groups that fought and eventually saved these ancient native forests home to threatened species like Okarito brown kiwi (rowi), kākā and kākāriki, from the chainsaws....
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"With a healthy dose of naive optimism and a lot of determination, we helped change what seemed like an impossible situation. "

This is an important and inspiring story of activism and people power from Native Forest Action (NFA) - PLEASE SHARE!
When a sizeable security fence needs building to keep troops safe in a Middle East hotspot, who are you going to call? Our Army sappers, that's who. Read about the team that left NZ, bound for Sinai today...
Delivered at the National School Counselor of the Year Event

MRS. OBAMA: Hey! What’s going on? Thank you all so much. You guys, that’s a command -- rest yourselves. We’re almost at the end.

Hello, everyone. And, may I say for the last time officially, welcome to the White House. Yes! Well, we are beyond thrilled to have you all here to celebrate the 2017 National School Counselor of...
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"Hope Dies Last": Commentary from Captain Adam Meyerson on board The MV Ocean Warrior from the Southern Ocean:
#OpNemesis #SeaShepherd
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The Royal New Zealand Navy’s offshore patrol vessel HMNZS Wellington has helped a yacht that ran adrift off Kaikoura’s South Bay after its rigging and engine failed.

HMNZS Wellington was in Kaikoura yesterday for a one-day goodwill visit aimed at showing continued support for the earthquake-stricken seaside town. Members of Coastguard Kaikoura and their families were on board the ship for a...
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Captain Adam Meyerson gives an update from The MV Ocean Warrior on the wild Southern Ocean and searching for the whale killers...
Captain Wyanda Lublink of The MV Steve Irwin talks about life on-board with her dedicated crew and their work to stop the killing of protected wildlife in the Southern Ocean.
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Please remember to be careful in the water today, following this morning's tsunami threat.
Army is smashing the NZDF people awards - first Amber-Lee Nui and now Major Stuart Tylee, innovator extraordinaire. 3CI all the way. Congratulations!
The New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) maritime and aerial surveillance patrols in the Southern Ocean are off to a flying start, with nine licensed fishing vessels boarded and checked for compliance.

“Our patrols covered a lot of ground in the first week of operations. There was no mistaking the message that we want to get across – we are serious about ensuring compliance with fishing...
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Here's Prime Minister John Key's full statement about his resignation today.
The effects of the Kaikōura earthquake are slowly revealing themselves to be more than just broken buildings and landslides. Tens of thousands of paua have been left exposed after the Kaikōura seabed was lifted metres out of the water by last week’s earthquake. Large sections of reef have risen out of the water, leaving paua and various species including crayfish exposed. I’ve been down to...
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Steffan Browning MP has been chipping in to bring relief to the residents of Kaikōura and the surrounding towns, following last week's big quake. The change in the landscape is astonishing. Kia kaha Kaikōura.
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is sending the multi-role vessel HMNZS Canterbury to help evacuate a large number of tourists and residents in Kaikoura and bring aid supplies to quake-affected areas.

Air Commodore (AIRCDRE) Darryn Webb, the Acting Commander Joint Forces New Zealand, said Canterbury will sail overnight to Kaikoura from Auckland, picking up emergency supplies en route....
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Good on you RNZAF - some more lives saved due to your keen eyes and professionalism
Two torches that will be the symbols of the New Zealand Defence Force’s determination to highlight the issue of domestic violence were unveiled today at a White Ribbon breakfast hosted by the Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Tim Keating.

The breakfast at Freyberg House launched the NZDF’s 2016 White Ribbon campaign to help stop violence against women.

It was attended by Chief...
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Go 3/6 Battalion...