NZ Defence Force
NZ Defence Force
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Our Haka to the Australian Defence Force at the Menin Gate Ieper after the Last Post Service on Anzac Day.

#AnzacDay #WesternFront
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The last of the former BNZ building being broken up and dug out! Good riddance
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Monica Jordyn Beaumont
New Zealand Police
New Zealand Police
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Eat your way to good health.
A new research study shows that making easy changes to what you eat can have a range of health benefits.
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Watch Helen Clark congratulate Native Forest Action (NFA) for the 1997 forest occupation that began a successful campaign to stop native logging ... except logging is back on the table now! The Grey District Council has proposed logging native forests on council land. They've asked for submissions - you know what to do: [ Link ]
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We <3 Open Day!

#UoWOpenDay #StudyWaikato
Abdalilah Burhan
Congratulations to today's Massey Business School graduates. Check out this video of the procession before ceremony two. What a gorgeous day to be in Takapuna! #MasseyGrad #NailedIt
Faisal Awad
Ceremony 2 is about to start, click the link to watch LIVE [ Link ]
Massey University
Massey University
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Congratulations to the Massey Business School graduates crossing the stage today. Plenty of excited faces at this morning's graduation procession... See if you can spot yourself, your classmates and family members in our video – and please tag, share and congratulate those you know. #MasseyGrad #NailedIt
Rana Al-Jawadi
Massey University
Massey University
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Hirograph FX
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Rana Al-Jawadi
Forest & Bird
Forest & Bird
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Helen Clark congratulates Native Forest Action on the 20th anniversary of their campaign to stop native forest logging on public land and gives some great background to her Government's response. Phil
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It's International Lesbian Visibility Day! Find a Diversity Liaison Officer near you [ Link ]
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UNICEF New Zealand
UNICEF New Zealand
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Moera Kindergarten is doing a lot with a little.

They are one of 19 kindys in the greater Hutt Valley area doing amazing things for children, albeit on a tight budget.

Their dedicated teachers understand how vitally important the early years are #foreverychild, and are committed to making a difference.

Do you think our kindergartens get enough funding? Tell us in the comments.
UNICEF New Zealand
UNICEF New Zealand
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When you support UNICEF, you support children all over the world.
NZ Defence Force
NZ Defence Force
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Mounting the catafalque party for the Last Post service at Menin Gate, Belgium in front of more than 1000 people dressed for the cold.

#AnzacDay #WesternFront
NZ Defence Force
NZ Defence Force
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LIVE from the World Masters Games 2017 Anzac Day parade with our international friends.

#AnzacDay #WMG2017
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Rita Gathercole
A collection of photos from our personnel involved in Anzac Day services today. Lest we forget.
Full gallery: [ Link ].
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Rivers are being destroyed across the world.

Check out this incredible trailer from the groundbreaking documentary RiverBlue, which examines the destruction of our rivers, its effect on humanity and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future.
Katy Louise Howard
Nicola Jefferies