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Prime Minister Theresa May met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi at Downing Street today. They spoke about security, defence and trade.

PM meeting with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi: 23 February 2017 - Press releases - GOV.UK

10 Downing Street
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“To the victims of modern slavery: we will not ignore your plight.” – Prime Minister Theresa May END IT #enditmovement
10 Downing Street
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Prime Minister Theresa May spoke with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about stability in the Middle East, free trade and the G20.

PM call with Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia: 23 February 2017

10 Downing Street
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1) Biggest overhaul of prisons in a generation

The Bill sets in law for the first time that a key purpose of prison is to reform offenders, as well as punish them for the crimes they have committed.

2) Empowering governors

Prison governors will take control of budgets for education, employment and health. They will be held to account for getting people off drugs, into jobs and learning...
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"Tackling domestic violence and abuse is a key priority for this government, and something I have always attached a personal importance to, both as Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister." – Prime Minister Theresa May. Find out more: [ Gov.uk Link ]
Today Prime Minister Theresa May and the French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve discussed bilateral issues, foreign policy and Brexit: [ Gov.uk Link ]
"Britain and France aren’t just allies: we are neighbours and friends, now and into the future." – Read Prime Minister Theresa May’s Le Figaro article.

We have voted to leave the EU, but not Europe: article by Theresa May

"I look forward to working with Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on shaping a new partnership between Britain and the EU that is in the interests of us all." – Prime Minister Theresa May [ Gov.uk Link ]
"Co-operation is vital for our security. We will continue to play leading role in Europe’s security through NATO." –Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking at her press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni [ Gov.uk Link ]
The PM met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at Downing Street today:
"I am proud, on behalf of the nation, to offer our humble thanks and congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on celebrating her Sapphire Jubilee." – Prime Minister Theresa May
This week the Prime Minister hosted a reception to celebrate Chinese New Year, the UK-China relationship and the British Chinese community.
"Time to Talk is an important day when we put the issue of mental health at the forefront of our minds." – Prime Minister Theresa May
"The relationship between Turkey and the United Kingdom has always been important, but it is arguably even more vital today" - Prime Minister Theresa May. Read more: [ Gov.uk Link ]
"This is more than a trade deal – it is the start of a deep defence partnership that will contribute to our overall security". Prime Minister Theresa May announces a new deal for the UK to help with the pre-design of Turkey’s new fighter jet, the TFX.
Prime Minister Theresa May paid her respects and laid a wreath at the Atatürk Mausoleum in Ankara as part of her visit to Turkey today.
"I want to send my best wishes to everyone in Britain, China and around the world celebrating Chinese New Year" – Prime Minister Theresa May
"I look forward to working with President Trump to deliver on the promises of freedom and prosperity for all people of our respective countries" - Prime Minister Theresa May.
Yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May met President Donald Trump at the White House where they discussed the US and UK's special relationship. Read more: [ Gov.uk Link ]
Watch the Prime Minister lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery