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Whose voice gives you the "yes feeling"?

Morgan Freeman has got to be in the Top 3! Throw James Hetfield on that list. Venturing into different waters narrating a documentary.
- Pam Kirby On-Air -
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James Hetfield Narrates 'Addicted to Porn' Documentary

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When has the "mood" struck you? Clothing store change room? Work bathroom? In the car? Remand Center ( I just got that call on the Line from Hell from a female Bear Listener.lol)???

Apparently masturbation breaks help "de-stress" and as a result you may get more work done. I BELIEVE IN STUDIES! HA
- Pam Kirby On-Air -
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Should we be taking masturbation breaks at work?

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Do we feature CARP in the 2018 Bear Babes Calendar??
...Maybe we'll stick with hot babes. Pick up your copy of the 2017 Bear Babes Calendar at ANY Mac's location in the city for only $15...ALL PROCEEDS go towards the Bear Children's Fund! - Jess

2017's most hotly-anticipated calendar features nude models cosying up to CARP

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As long as you have a sober driverโ€ฆ.you MIGHT be able to have Road Beers in Montanaโ€ฆHmmm...Think it will pass? - #WARCHEST

Lawmaker seeks to bring 'road beers' back to Montana

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What's the most you've ever won on a Lotto Ticket as a gift? AND...What's the rule on this one? If it's over a certain amount do you share with them?? - #WARCHEST

Lottery ticket bought as gift in Minnesota wins $1M for Wis. newlywed

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#WARCHEST Brown Bag Lunch Discussion: Worst punishment/grounding you got as a kid, and what did you do to get it?
Post, Call (780) 451-8666 or Text 666 666
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Hey, y'think the most popular show on TV about American politics purposely released this teaser on Inauguration Day? NAAAAAAAAH, JUST COINCIDENCE. Either way - House Of Cards is gearing up for a return, and it looks juicy. -McCord.

Netflix releases ominous teaser for House Of Cards season 5, pushes premiere to May

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Missed this one yesterday: Miguel Ferrer was one of those dudes that you DEFINITELY recognize from a zillion movies - but you can never remember his name. So perfectly slimy in Robocop. RIP, friend. -McCord.

R.I.P. Miguel Ferrer

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I'm unbelievably hesitant to post anything about the inauguration or anything politics-related today (PLEASE PLAY NICE IN THE COMMENTS OR I'LL TAKE THIS DOWN), but as a gamblin' man - I have to say, this intrigues me. Place your bets! -McCord.

Trump Fires Up Gamblers Before Inauguration Day

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Have you named your car? What's your cars name? My car is named Mickie James, after former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James, whom I would certainly enjoy seeing more tastefully erotic nude pictures of. -McCord.

Squeeze Your Lemon

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If Edmonton was to get another pro sports team... What league would you like to see make its way to the City of Champions? NBA? The return of the NLL? Lots of love for the MLB coming here at 666 666. -McCord. #FUNHOUSE

Report: NBA ready to expand and Vancouver is on their shortlist

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I'm in for Yukon and RyMai today (Sorry). Yuke's sick, RyMai's on vacation, and pants are for chumps. -McCord.
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Meet "Pink in the Stink" and "Mercedes"! Just two of the many submissions to be crowned Edmonton's F-UGLYEST PET!

Do you have a F-UGLIER PET?! Show us! Could mean a $500 Pet Valu gift card and BRAGGING RIGHTS! Who wouldn't want to brag about having Edmonton's F-Ugliest Pet??!! HA Full gallery of submissions thebearrocks.com
- Pam Kirby On-Air -
#damnnnnthatsanuglypet #yeg #1003thebear...
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F-Ugliest Pet

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2017 is shaping up to be full of wicked concerts! Add Iron Maiden and Ghost to the roster!

Small Catch: You'll have to hit the road to see them though....
- Pam Kirby On-Air -
#thebookofsouls #yeg #1003thebear #pamkirby

*** JUST ANNOUNCED*** IRON MAIDEN Book of Souls Tour with Ghost!

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Inventions... ever thought of one and failed to act on it? As a result SOMEONE ELSE became a MILLIONAIRE???!!!

For $15 you can send someone you know a "Bag Of D*cks"! Gummies shaped as d*cks, little plastic baggies, glitter a photo copy of the saying "Eat A Bag Of D*cks" cost MAX $1. Most expensive thing is the postage. This dude is no doubt laughing all the way to the bank!
- Pam Kirby...
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It's Always The Perfect Time To Send Someone A Bag Of (Gummy) Dicks

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HEY! The Pre-Sale is on until 10PM tonight for Spring Fling. Weezer! Trews! Flatliners! Beers! Get the pre-sale password HERE: [ Iheartradio.ca Link ] -McCord. #FUNHOUSE
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Question for anyone who smokes or used to smoke...
What made you take up the habit?
Did movies/TV influence you at all? -McCord. #FUNHOUSE

James Bond has been teaching kids to smoke for over half a century

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Still rolling out with that original iPhone from 2007? Sour news, time traveler: As of today, it no longer works.
QUESTION: How old is your phone? What's the longest you've kept a cell phone/smart phone alive? -McCord. #FUNHOUSE

The Original iPhone Is Dead

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Check out some of the pieces of sh*t in the running to get CRUSHED at Monster Jam February 4th!!! Have a HORRIBLE vehicle that should get crushed? Could score you $1000 too!! Submit here: [ Iheartradio.ca Link ]
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What are the BEST Food to eat for leftovers...and the WORST Food to eat for leftovers?? - Jess