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In the 14th century the legendary Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta set out on an epic journey that lasted 29 years covering about 75,000 miles on horse, camel, foot and boat around the world.

To celebrate the UN Year of Tourism that launches today in Madrid, 1001 Inventions will pay tribute to great explorers and extraordinary destinations from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation throughout...
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The Moon Illusion: It's all in your head! - was the first plausible theory to be developed by 11th century Arab scientist Ibn Al-Haytham who suggested that "the size difference has to do with how our brains perceive distance, and then how we automatically adjust an object’s apparent size to match."

Read the full National Geographic...
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Why the Moon Looks Bigger Near the Horizon


Google AE Celebrates Al-Sufi, one of the great Astronomers from Muslim Civilisation.

10th Century Abdul Rahman Al-Sufi produced a major work on stars called Kitab Suwar Al-Kawakib (The Book of Fixed Stars) in which he gave Arabic names to stars in the 48 classical star patterns. He was the first astronomer to...
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Al-Sufi | Muslim Heritage

MUST READ: How Early Islamic Science Advanced Medicine

Excellent piece by National Geographic about the advancement of medicine in the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation.

"Physicians from Islamic countries during the late Middle Ages enjoyed great respect. Their reputation was well deserved, for the study and practice of medicine was then led by Muslim societies across their immense...
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How Early Islamic Science Advanced Medicine

Great article in The National (UAE) by Rym Ghazal exploring modern attempts in the Middle East to build on the legacy of creativity in the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation

A new golden age is in the making, inspired by past civilizations | The National

معرض الكويت للكتاب: لا تفوتوا فرصة ربح نسخة من كتاب ابن الهيثم باللغة العربية موقّع من قبل الفنان العالمي سامي يوسف، مؤلف الموسيقى التصويرية لفيلم "ألف اختراع واختراع وعالَم ابن الهيثم"!
1. زوروا منصة ابن الهيثم في معرض الكويت للكتاب!
2. شاركوا بصورة أو فيديو مميزين لمنصة ابن الهيثم على انستغرام أو تويتر مستخدمين الوسوم (الهاشتاغات) التالية كلها: #IbnAlHaytham #SamiYusuf #Kfasinfo...
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1001 Inventions and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority partner to showcase an interactive display “1000 Years of Innovation” that highlights some of the key innovative solutions and discoveries from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation that relate to mobility, cartography, the movement and spread of knowledge as well...
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1001 Inventions Joins Dubai RTA in Celebrating UAE Innovation Week | 1001 Inventions

KUWAIT: Launch of the Arabic Version of Ibn Al-Haytham Children’s Book

The Arabic version of the new first of its kind 1001 Inventions and National geographic children’s book about 11th century enlightened scientist Ibn Al-Haytahm was launched by 1001 Inventions and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science at the Kuwait Book Fair.

A special interactive show showcasing...
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Ibn al-Haytham Honoured at Kuwait Book Fair | 1001 Inventions

Did Chinese Muslim admiral, Zheng He, discover America before Columbus? Is this map the proof?

Learn about the map: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Watch more on Zheng He: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#LostHistory #1001inventions

Did China discover America?

DUBAI: Sami Yusuf will perform the music hit "SHINE", from the '1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham' film and album, live at Dubai Opera on 16 December 2016.

BUY TICKETS: [ Dubaiopera.com Link ]

Sami Yusuf Light 2015 Dubai Opera
THANK YOU! United Nations 'Year of Light' Final Report reports on 25 million people engaged through 1001 Inventions in 2015.
[ Light2015.org Link ]

A global educational campaign produced by 1001 Inventions with UNESCO and the International Year of Light 2015 honoured 11th century scientist Ibn Al-Haytham.

We sincerely thank our distinguished network of global partners for their support that...
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1001 Inventions

Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum | Fazza and media personality Ahmad AlShugairi - أحمد الشقيري attend special 1001 Inventions event in partnership with Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

1001 Inventions and Dubai Culture Authority partnered to to celebrate the rich legacy from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation that continues to inspire creativity and innovation...
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What could have inspired Shakespeare’s Othello, the Moor of Venice?

Discover Elizabethan England’s closer relationship with the Muslim World.

It’s believed that Shakespeare wrote it shortly after the first Moroccan ambassador’s visit in the early 17th century. Then, Eastern ambassadors received an appreciative welcome in England. In the 16th century Queen Elizabeth I spearheaded a drive to...
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England’s Forgotten Muslim History

"Make U.S. great again, go after Al-gebra"

U.S. math teacher Roger Guffey writes a comedic article to remind Americans of the positive influence of Muslim Civilisation on our world focusing on Algebra.

"...too late to save us from the Islamization of our great nation because the crafty Arab Muslims have already infiltrated our society with something much more insidious that is wreaking...
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Make U.S. great again, go after Al-gebra

10 Stunning Ceilings from the Wonders of Islamic Architecture

Ceilings from buildings inspired by Islamic architecture where looking up is a spellbinding experience! Each has a design and a story of its own.

DISCOVER MORE: [ 1001inventions.com Link ]

#1001inventions #losthistory #islamicarchitecture #MuslimCivilisation #Mosques #Wonders

1001 Inventions


One of only three known spherical astrolabes. Selling recently at auction for close to $1 million, the astrolabe was beautifully made by 17th century astronomer Al-Rudani who put his inscription on the surface of the sphere in Medina. Known for his work on astronomical instruments, Al-Rudani, was also a poet and wrote on mathematics and...
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1001 Inventions

QUESTION: Why does the figure of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman appear above the House Chamber door, US Capitol building in Washington DC?

CLUE: Sultan Suleiman was also known as Kanuni, The Lawgiver.

ANSWER: [ Aoc.gov Link ]

Read more: [ Muslimheritage.com Link ]

#Ottoman #Suleiman #MuslimHeritage #Heritage #GoldenAges #MuslimCivilisation #Capitol #washington #US #SuleimanTheMagnificent...
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MUST WATCH: Uncovering Secrets of Islamic Art

A fascinating snapshot of the beauty and uniqueness of Islamic geometry in Fes, Morocco – connecting faith, the natural world, mathematics and art.

Discover more about Islamic art and geometric patterns:
[ Muslimheritage.com Link ]
[ Muslimheritage.com Link ]
[ 1001inventions.com Link ]

#IslamicArt #Art #Geometry #Mathematics #NaturalPatterns...
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Learning from the Pattern-Masters

Centres of Learning in Muslim Civilisation: TIMBUKTU

Once a thriving centre of learning and culture, Timbuktu, in West Africa, is home to notable architecture and one of the world’s greatest collections of Islamic manuscripts. Its Sankore University, together with a thriving book trade and the presence of numerous famous scholars established the city as a renowned scholarly centre in Africa a...
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TIME ROOM: In an age before personal watches and domestic clocks, time keeping was a highly skilled profession. For more than one thousand years, grand mosques in almost every major city across Muslim Civilisation had Time Rooms that featured the latest clocks of that age. Skilled Time Masters had the important job of maintaining accurate prayer timing and calendars.

1800's PHOTO: A very rare...
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