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01/17/2017 at 19:05. Facebook
I hope this takes off!

With the exception of playoffs, Edmonton has always had a quiet rink (even in the 80's).



Get loud: Fan group hopes to turn up the volume at Oilers games

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01/17/2017 at 16:20. Facebook
We all have that one song, the one that we still know all the words to regardless of how old it is!
We want to know yours!
Tell us the song lyrics you don't think you'll ever forget, and whether or not you even like the song now :) ~mars
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01/17/2017 at 15:39. Facebook
Do you think that you can "feel" when someone is staring at you?
It's called scopaesthesia, and about 2/3rds of us think we have it.
Science says it's just a coincidence if we actually do catch someone starting, but good luck convincing us of that!
We want to hear about that time you felt someone (or something!) staring at you, and you were able to detect it! ~mars
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01/17/2017 at 14:36. Facebook
Public Displays of Affection:
Some are more public than others, and some are more affectionate than others :)
We want to hear about the weirdest you've seen - whether it be to the location, or to the passion! ~mars
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01/17/2017 at 13:58. Facebook
Cheap booze!! Something everyone tried to get their hands on when we were young. Big Bear? Boones? Two litres of Grower's? What was your go to cheap booze when you were young? ~ mars
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01/17/2017 at 02:28. Facebook
In my FB feed I saw this, it was posted today and this person is hoping to find the rightful owner (jasmine?) and the money will be returned.

It was found at Westland Mall in Spruce Grove, if you are the owner.

Tell us, What lengths have you gone to, to find the owner of something you found??

-Rob & Joelle
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yesterday at 21:24. Facebook
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yesterday at 17:43. Facebook
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yesterday at 15:44. Facebook
Have you ever bought something used/refurbished and ended up getting more than you bargained for?
Pics on a phone?
CDs left in a car?
Money hidden in a painting (it could happen...)?
Let's hear what you bought and the bonus you got with it! ~mars
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yesterday at 14:49. Facebook
School projects: some are a little more unique than others :)
We want to hear the oddest thing you had to do in school (dissections, odd chemistry tests...), and whether it seemed weird at the time or just looking back now.
Because a lot of the time you don't question your assignments as a child, but in hindsight, some of them do seem a little surprising. ~mars
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yesterday at 13:42. Facebook
This single mother and her 4 kids were able to build their own home from watching YouTube tutorials!
Pretty incredible, right?
So, we want to know what skills you've learned from YouTube...anything you're embarrassed you've had to watch, or are you using it for impressive projects like this family? Let's hear it! ~mars

Mom builds house for her family using YouTube

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01/14/2017 at 19:50. Facebook
Are you extraordinary with Instagram! Then THIS is for you! -chris

Extraordinary-'Intern-Ship' - Royal Caribbean UK

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01/14/2017 at 17:22. Facebook
I watched this on my days off and found it AMAZING! I had no idea there was show chickens.

So.. in the spirit of learning, tell us something we didn't know before. Some fact or knowledge you'd like to share and impart on us!

-Rob & Joelle
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01/14/2017 at 02:58. Facebook
Had Shaney Borden on tonight. She is local and has a great song! Love supporting local talent! Great reaction to her song! Her single "Endless Summer" is on iTunes!

"Thanks so much to 102.3 Now! Radio for playing my song Endless Summer tonight and for all the amazing support and comments from listeners! I'm so beyond happy right now and I feel so lucky to live in a city that supports local...
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01/13/2017 at 20:57. Facebook
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01/13/2017 at 15:48. Facebook
This woman in the states unfortunately had to have her foot amputated due to cancer. She was able to find a silver lining around this cloud though, when she decided to keep the amputated foot and use it to take funny pictures :)
I love it!
We want to know if you've ever had anything removed from your body, and whether or not you took it home with you! ~mars

Woman who had foot amputated due to cancer keeps it for funny photos

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01/13/2017 at 14:42. Facebook
It's Friday the 13th! Let's talk luck...BAD LUCK.
Let's hear about your unluckiest day. That day when one thing after another went wrong.
Was it a full moon? Friday the 13th? Or just a regular run of the mill day that went sideway? Let us know! ~mars
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01/13/2017 at 13:47. Facebook
In a cruel twist of irony, our groins are an extremely sensitive part of our body, yet somehow magnets for injury...
We want to hear the worst one you (or someone you know) have ever sustained! Should we just make protective cups a part of everyday wear? ~mars
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01/13/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
hi... we collect your empties and turn them in for refund to help sick kids.

will you start saving yours for us? I'll tell you more soon. - fitzy
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01/13/2017 at 00:02. Facebook
ok...ok....this is kind of cool! Monopoly is trying to figure out if they should update their classic game pieces! And they are letting us vote! Go to to vote for yours. Kinda fun to do. -chris

Monopoly Token Madness