Spotter Network coordinated the effort across Tornado Alley today in response to Bill Paxton's death, marking the first time it's been done for a non-chaser.

Storm chasers honor "Twister" star Bill Paxton with amazing GPS tribute

April the giraffe has been pregnant for 15 months. It's nearly time, the Animal Adventure Park zookeepers said, for her 6-foot-tall, 150 pound calf to make it's appearance.

WATCH: Zookeepers say giraffe's delivery could come at any time live on YouTube

#BREAKING: California Highway Patrol reports a Border Patrol pursuit near Lake Morena County Park preceded a multiple-injury crash involving ten patients. One person is in critical condition.

Border Patrol chase leads to multiple-injury crash in Lake Morena

Ever wondered how you win an Oscar? Jimmy Kimmel explains!
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JUST IN: Judge Wapner's foray as "The People's Court" judge marked one of the first television judge shows in the United States.

'The People's Court' Judge Joseph Wapner dead at 97

The New Orleans Police Department arrested Neilson Rizzuto, 25, who the police chief said appeared to be highly intoxicated.

Truck rams New Orleans crowd during Mardi Gras parade; 28 injured


A 19-year-old man is dead and a 20-year-old is in jail following a Saturday evening solo vehicle crash in San Marcos.

Driver in San Marcos fatal rollover admits to DUI, smoking marijuana

#BREAKING The Emmy-award winning actor Bill Paxton, known for his roles in Titanic and Aliens, has passed away.

Actor Bill Paxton dead at 61

The residents of a Poway home were startled awake early this morning when a SUV leading police on a chase throughout the county slammed into their office.

Police chase ends with SUV smashing into Poway home

Joe Earl Smith, who was found sleeping in his car at Daytona, was wanted on suspicion of murdering his uncle after a land dispute.

Texas murder suspect found in Daytona 'for the races'

A family is mourning the loss of Tomas Medina. He was inside this disabled van headed to a senior center in Chula Vista when it crashed on the 54 and rolled several times.

Hannah Mullins talks to his family about their tragic loss.

The U.S. Supreme Court will make the call whether a law, meant to protect minors from sex offenders via social media, is so broad it violates the Constitution's free-speech protections.

Should Facebook ban sex offenders? Supreme Court weighs issue

TONIGHT the family of a man killed on the job is mourning the husband and father of 3. Fred Griffith was trying to remove a broken down garbage truck on SR 52 when he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver.

For the first time we're hearing from his heartbroken family.

Click here to support Griffith Family Emergency Fund by Mike Griffith

Less than 24 hours to Oscar Sunday! Coverage starts on the red carpet at 2 p.m. On ABC10.
President Donald J. Trump will skip the annual event, that often sees a comedian making jokes at the expense of the sitting president and other politicians in the room.

White House Correspondents' dinner: Trump says he won't attend

"The bottom line: When trillions of dollars are managed by Wall Streeters charging high fees, it will usually be the managers who reap outsized profits, not the clients," Buffett wrote.

Warren Buffett says don't waste money on investment fees

Some girls and their advocates say the testosterone Mack Beggs has been taking while transitioning from female to male has made him too strong to wrestle fairly against girls.

Transgender boy moves within 1 win of girls Texas title

It's not a football stadium, but a new e-sports arena is set to bring the NFL - albeit virtual - to fans this March.

Appealing to millennials, Las Vegas gets e-sports arena

Even the usually glitzy lead-up to Sunday's Oscars has taken on the form of a gathering tempest.

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Song and dance, protest and politics to mingle at Oscars