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People brought their own Boss Baby to see The Boss Baby. (photos by Frances Oliver). You can see The Boss Baby in cinemas April 13.
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We had so much fun at the New Zealand Premiere of Phim NhΓ³c TrΓΉm this morning. Check out our Instagram story below to see for yourself! #TheBossBabyNZ in cinemas April 13
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Can you handle the cure? See A Cure for Wellness in cinemas this weekend #CureForWellnessNZ
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The Boss Baby is nearly ready to see you #TheBossBabyNZ
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What is the first word you see? Comment below and you could win a double pass to A Cure For Wellness. #CureForWellnessNZ in cinemas now
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The claws are out. See LOGAN in cinemas now. #HisTimeHasCome
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Don't miss out. A Cure For Wellness in cinemas now. #CureForWellnessNZ
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How to DAD and baby Alba are live from The Boss Baby Premiere in New York. #TheBossBabyNZ
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Tune in tomorrow between 11am and 1pm for a FB live stream of How to DAD and baby Alba at the New York Premiere of The Boss Baby. #TheBossBabyNZ in cinemas April 13.
Director Gore Verbinski talks about the making of A Cure For Wellness. See A #CureForWellnessNZ in cinemas now.

Gore Verbinski's A Cure for Wellness: no fun on set please

Flicks.co.nz gave A Cure For Wellness 4 stars. We all need the cure. See A #CureForWellnessNZ in cinemas now.

A Cure for Wellness - Movie times, release date, reviews, trailers - Flicks.co.nz

Thank you for an epic 17 years. #LoganNZ #HisTimeHasCome
Find the cure in cinemas today. #CureForWellnessNZ
It's so good we want to help you see it twice. We have 2 double passes to give away to LOGAN. Tell us why you want to see Logan again and you will be in to win. #HisTimeHasCome
Deadpool was on his way to watch Logan and this happened... #DeadpoolNZ #LoganNZ
We think they're ready now! ✈ We sent a little something so baby Alba can rock it like the BOSS at the World Premiere of The Boss Baby in New York next week and we think she's got the look down pat.

Have fun showing the NY whose the boss How to DAD #TheBossBabyNZ
Everyone is talking about LOGAN.
To celebrate the release of A Cure For Wellness we are giving away 3 double passes. Tag someone who loves the thriller genre and you could be in to win a double pass. A #CureForWellnessNZ in cinemas Thursday.
Test your brain with the A Cure For Wellness crossword. If you can fill them all in correctly...then unfortunately you too need the cure. A #CureForWellnessNZ in cinemas Thursday.