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360 Total Security
01/10/2017 at 04:04. Facebook
How many 360TS Balls are in the image? Can you find all of them?
If you are an Android usr who wants to play Super Mario Run, do NOT download just yet. Check why - goo.gl/UmLO0t

#SuperMarioRun #Mario #Android #game

Beware! Super Mario Run APK installer may compromise your Android devices.

Happy 2017! We are here as always. Stick with 360 Total Security!
Wish you all a wonderful 2017. Stay safe and stylish with 360!

#happynewyear #newyear2017
Ransomeware has become a new and tremendously growing type of cybercrime. 360 Security Center presents 8 immense ransomware attacks worldwide.

Ransomware 2016: Attack and Loss | 360 Total Security blog

See 8 immense #ransomware attacks worldwide in 2016, and 4 Ways to prevent ransomeware infection.

Ransomware 2016: Attack and Loss | 360 Total Security blog

We will still show no mercy to viruses in 2017!
Stick with us!
2017 is coming! Dress up your 360 Total Security with the Party theme for the most spectacular New Year's Eve celebrations.

#newyear2017 #newyearparty #newyeareve
Be the PC hero for your friends and family!
360 Connect 3.0, the best remote assistant to fix PC issues, is released with new incredible features, offering you more ease to help beloved ones. Check what's new - goo.gl/7653Ke

#360Connect #AssistFriendsandFamily #PC #mobile #help

360 Connect 3.0 - Assist friends and family on your phone

Good News!

#CrySiS Decryptor has been added to our ransomware decryption tool. Now you can download the tool and safely decrypt your infected files for free.

Anti-Ransomware: Crysis decryptor available now

Dress up your 360 Total Security Premium with our Xmas-limited Lively Theme to celebrate the holiday season!

Haven't upgraded to 360TS Premium? Get it from Santa now ---> goo.gl/EyBC9Q

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⛄Here Comes your Xmas Gift

We have wrapped your #Christmas gift. Catch Santa to get it! Good luck - goo.gl/hjBuzw

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Kidnap Santa and Win your Gift

Is unwrapping gifts one of your favorites in holiday season? Get ready to catch Santa and receive the special gift 360 Total Security is preparing for you!

#Christmas #Xmas #gift #Santa #MerryXmas
Happy holiday!
Have you got everything for Christmas and new year?

Shopping online is convenient and fun but not always safe.

Here's a simple tip "CAST" to teach you how to prevent any malicious activities!

C.A.S.T shows you how to shop online safely

Do you shop online? Have you or any of your friends experienced a credit card fraud?

If you answer yes, then you definitely should know this easy tip to stop any suspicious activities!
Oh! by the way, Santa seems to come in #7days. Get ready to "kidnap" him! (wink wink)

Have you turned on your shopping protection?

Yahoo's account breach happened again.
1 billion this time! #yahoobreach

See what you can do: [ Goo.gl Link ]

How Yahoo's 1 billion account breach stacks up with the biggest hacks ever

360 Game Booster in #TimesSquare
Download the Game Booster from 360 Total Security's toolbox and enjoy an ultra fast gaming experience!

#gaming #optimizePC
Let's celebrate World Human Rights Day!

We believe that security is everyone's basic right so we commit to keep 360 Total Security FREE forever. Stand for someone's rights today!

#humanrightsday #cybersecurity #StandUp4HumanRights
With only €9.99, you can enjoy the most stylish PC protection for one year. Don't miss the best deal! Get Premium now - goo.gl/zwOHEp
Ever since the release of 360 Total Security Premium, we have received questions like 'Do I need to pay for 360TS now?' or 'What's the difference between the paid and the free version?'

In this article, we provide answers to 5 most frequently asked questions. Check it now - goo.gl/RtmjKZ

#360TotalSecurity #Premium #Free #antivirus

360 Total Security Premium vs. Freemium: What is the difference?