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Hang in there! We are halfway to the weekend!
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Congratulations to the team from 360 Security on winning Master of Pwn, and congratulations to all of those who participated!

The Results - Pwn2Own 2017 Day Three

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Have you received lots of LinkedIn requests recently? Is he/she a "welfare" for you, or actually a "malware"?

Read this blog post and see how you can avoid these scams!

Don’t fall for LinkedIn scams

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If you google things online or check your Facebook everyday, you should not miss this article.

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3 simple apps to secure your online browsing

Let's celebrate that more women are contributing to the IT and cybersecurity industry, be grateful for all the women around us, and hope women to have more positive impact in this world.

Girl power is not a saying, but an act!

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Online dating sometimes is risky, but it also creates more opportunities to meet your special one! Follow these security tips, so you can find your Mr./Ms. right safely.

Happy valentine's day and wish you safe online dating!

7 safe online dating tips - valentine's gift for all

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It's really creepy if someone is watching you through your webcam 24/7. See what happened to your Samsung webcam and how you can prevent this type of modern threat.

Caution! Someone can take control of your Samsung webcam

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ElasticSearch servers became the new target of attackers who just hacked MongoDB databases. Check what happened and get security tips to defend against data loss - goo.gl/amlPWK

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MongoDB hackers target ElasticSearch servers with ransom attacks