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Over 250,000 38 Degrees members have signed the petition asking the government for more funding for our NHS.

Add your name now, so together we can make sure the NHS is there for generations to come: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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BREAKING: 38 Degrees members have been demanding better trains in Scotland but now the head of ScotRail has just quit. In 3 words, what should we make top of the list for his successor?

Under-fire ScotRail boss quits

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Our NHS is priceless. But without the funding it needs, it can't look after us forever. Sign and share the petition for more NHS funding here: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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We’ve got an exciting opportunity to say what an immigration system should look like after Brexit. Take part in the survey now, it might take you a few minutes so pop the kettle on!

All the answers will be given to MPs this weekend: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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Here’s a cool idea. Swedish supermarkets are swapping out plastic stickers for laser ‘labels’ on fruits and vegetables to cut plastic waste. One supermarket said it’ll save 135 miles of plastic in a year - and that’s just for avocados!

M&S is trying it out on coconuts in the UK. Should more supermarkets in the UK give it a go too? Comment below, yes or no ⬇

Swedish supermarkets replace sticky labels with laser marking

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2016 was the hottest year on record. Take the quiz below to find out why...

The answer to question 9 might surprise you!

How hot are you on global warming? Try our climate change quiz

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SHARE if you're grateful for all the hard work our NHS staff are putting in this week.
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How are you feeling after Theresa May's speech yesterday?

Comment below in 3 words:
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Our NHS is in crisis. Thousands of 38 Degrees members are sharing stories of how it's affecting people every day - from patients stuck in cold corridors waiting for care, to overcrowding in GP surgeries.

It doesn't have to be this way. SIGN and SHARE the petition telling the government to give the NHS the funding it desperately needs now: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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The NHS funding crisis exposed by 38 Degrees on ITV News at Ten last night. SHARE so everyone knows!
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Unpaid internships - people doing work for free to get experience - are becoming increasingly common. But they’re unfair to people from poorer backgrounds, who can’t spend lots of time working for free.

A group of MPs have just called for a ban on them. Do you think they should be banned? Answer yes or no below ⬇

Ban unpaid internships that penalise working-class young, say MPs

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Thousands of us are sharing stories of how the NHS funding crisis is affecting people every day - from doctors working round the clock, to patients left waiting for life-saving treatment.

SIGN and SHARE the 240,000 strong petition so the government gives the NHS the funding is desperately needs now: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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Theresa May's speech live - she's outlining the government's 12 objectives for a Brexit deal. #BrexitSpeech

But how does it compare to the 38 Degrees plan? diybrexit.38degrees.org.uk - comment below!
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Theresa May is putting the final touches to her Brexit plan, before she announces it tomorrow - if you were in number 10 what would be your Brexit priority?
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Today it was announced that just 8 men have the same amount of wealth as half of all the people on the planet! SHARE if you hope for a world that becomes MORE not LESS equal in the future.

[ Scotsman.com Link ]
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Help keep Sherwood forest safe. SIGN the petition: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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SHARE if you will too!

Last week alone, 200,000 of us signed a petition calling on the government to fund our NHS. But we need to keep up the pressure. Sign the petition now: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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Here's a cool idea: instead of forking out for expensive, but often useful things, like sewing machines or drills - you borrow them from a "Library of Things" instead.

They're popping up across the country but what do you think? Good idea or bad? Comment below ...

Social value in the collaborative economy: Library of Things | Nesta