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This is handy. Share so everyone knows how to spot fake news.
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This awesome shop in Edinburgh is fighting our culture of waste by selling refurbished items and teaching repair skills.

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Every Town Needs a Remakery

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Whether you're well into your 80s or a teenager struggling to fit in - nobody should feel lonely in the UK.
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If any of this has riled you up - you can start a campaign here: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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New plans show the EU is thinking about making the ban on bee-killing pesticides permanent this year. SHARE if you think the UK should do the same thing when we Brexit!
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This our chance. Murdoch’s takeover bid for Sky TV is under investigation, and we’ve got just one week to tell Ofcom - the media watchdog - why he can’t be trusted. If thousands of us email them today, they’ll have to listen:

[ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]
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Our campaign to force IKEA to pay their drivers properly has hit the headlines! Click the link to post a message on IKEA's Facebook page and keep up the pressure: [ 38degrees.org.uk Link ]

Ikea slammed on social media over delivery drivers being paid under £3 an hour

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George Osborne hasn't been in Parliament much recently and that's even before he starts another job as editor of the Evening Standard! Sign and share the petition if you think George Osborne should pick one job: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Tom thinks that the heroic acts of PC Keith Palmer who lost his life protecting Parliament should be recognised for years to come. SIGN & SHARE Tom’s petition here if you agree:

Rename Parliament entrance 'Palmer Gate'

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An important message to remember in times like these ...
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SHARE to show your appreciation for the courage and selflessness of the medics at St Thomas’ Hospital – and of everyone else who steps up when they are needed the most.
[ Independent.co.uk Link ]

Doctors and nurses rushed from local hospital to save lives in London terror attack

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This woman is on a mission to rescue millions of honey bees across America. SHARE if you're feeling inspired!
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Government plans to build new roads could be cancelled. Do you think more roads is the answer to bad traffic? Yes or no, comment below:

Major road schemes could be cancelled because David Cameron rushed out £11bn worth of projects before 2015 election

New polls show that over 50% of nurses are stressed most of the time while at work - but many of us owe our lives to them. SHARE to say thank you for everything they do
Pubs and Live Music venues across the country are closing due to housing developers complaining about noise for new build homes. Robert thinks it’s time the government stepped in to save our pubs. Sign his petition here:

Save our pubs and live music venues

Amazing! Kenya just banned all plastic bags. Share if you think Britain should too:
In just 4 days, 170,000 of us signed Diana's petition to make George Osborne pick between being the editor of the London Evening Standard or an MP. She then handed it in to his constituency office in Tatton! Join the 170,000 and keep the pressure up by signing and sharing the petition: [ Bit.ly Link ]