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Found out the new Nissan Titan is a snow-carving, trail busting machine! #fwoty17 @4wheeloffroad @jpmagazine @hbombindustries @jeep @ramtrucks @nissanusa @ford @toyotausa
Snow day on the Four Wheeler Network SUV and Pickup Truck of the Year competition! #fwoty17 @4wheeloffroad @jpmagazine @hbombindustries @jeep @ramtrucks @nissanusa @ford @toyotausa
Some magazines "test trucks", but we actually TEST TRUCKS. #fwoty17
Trail testing for the Four Wheeler Network SUV and Pickup Truck of the Year awards happening this week! Keep checking for updates. #fwoty17 @4wheeloffroad @jpmagazine @hbombindustries @jeep @ramtrucks @nissanusa @ford @toyotausa
7 days of remote backcountry exploring to the North Rim area of the Grand Canyon and the Kaibab Plateau! Where would you go to explore?

Grand Canyon Expedition: 7 Days Of Remote Backcountry Exploring

Christian Hazel and Rick Pewe wondering where all the flatfenders are on the Four Wheeler Network's SUV and Pickup Truck of the Year! #fwoty17 @4wheeloffroad @jpmagazine @hbombindustries @jeep @ramtrucks @nissanusa @ford @toyotausa
Tow hooks may seem somewhat inconsequential, but if you need 'em, you'd better hope they're accessible and sturdy!
[ Bit.ly Link ]

Tow Hooks of Four Wheeler of the Year 2017

It’s Day Two of the 2017 Four Wheeler of the Year. What happens on Day Two, you ask? Off-roading happens! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Four Wheeler of the Year 2017: Day 2 Gallery

Need tires to help tackle the road less traveled? Pro Comp A/T Sport tires well suited for exploring the backcountry!

Pro Comp A/T Sport Tire Test

Photo shoot in the dunes! #FWOTY17
Ford Motor Company
With the hard work done and the money spent, all that's left now is to just enjoy the ride! Would you buy a pre-built 4x4?

2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited That Is No Mall Crawler

Photo shoot time for Four Wheeler Network Pickup Truck of the Year! #fwoty17 @4wheeloffroad @fourwheelermag @hbombindustries @nissanusa @ford @ramtrucks @toyotausa
Trying to eliminate bumpsteer? See how All-Pro Off-Road’s crossover steering kit helps steer you straight! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Cure Bumpsteer: Steering You Straight

Day One of Four Wheeler of the Year 2017: How we test 'em and why. Get the inside scoop here!

Four Wheeler of the Year 2017: Day 1 Gallery

This Wagoneer is a wolf in sheep's clothing!

A Modern 1976 Jeep Wagoneer Sleeper

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Off we go into the desert to test the latest SUVs and trucks. What other terrain would you like to see us include in the test? #fwoty17
Part tow rig, part trail rig: This Super Duty does it all! Who else has a rig that pulls double duty?

Part Tow Rig, Part Trail Rig: This Super Duty Does It All