The Arkansas Legislature is debating rules over whether voters should be required to show an ID at the polls. Here's the latest proposal: [ Link ]
Refugees are fleeing the U.S in waves, seeking asylum with our northern neighbors.

Hear from an N.Y. taxi driver who makes the trip frequently: [ Link ]
The proposal allows anyone 25 and older with a state concealed handgun license to carry on campus if they undergo up to 16 hours of active shooter training.

Arkansas Senate panel endorses revised campus guns bill
Cowabunga! These Californians are making the most of the flooded streets. [ Link ]

Californians take to flooded streets to water-ski
Dense fog advisories in effect until 10 am this morning. Patchy fog could be thick at times. We will see this fog burn off late this morning, then temperatures will be primed to climb into the mid to upper 70s!
Switching between languages gives your brain a dementia-fighting workout.

Being bilingual may help protect the brain from Alzheimer's
They are a huge part of Mardi Gras every year, but they aren't so good for the environment.
You're going to LOVE the Hogs new linebackers coach! Chad Walker was bursting at the seams behind the podium during today's introductory press conference. He was fidgety, almost like he couldn't WAIT to get cracking.

On the night he returned home after coaching for the Falcons in the Super Bowl... he got an offer from Coach Bielema. A chance to build a 3-4 defense from the grouind up. Coach...
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Jumpin Razorbacks Batman! All-American high jumper Ken LeGassey was has been named the SEC Men’s Field Athlete of the Week. He had career best mark in the high jump at the Arkansas Qualifier last weekend.

The Woodlands, Texas native earned himself a place in the national rankings, moving up to No. 3 on the NCAA performance list and No. 2 among SEC high jumpers.

LeGassey’s PR clearance also...
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The school board in Rogers has approved a millage increase to fund district improvements.

Rogers school board approves special election to ask for improvements
Even adjusting your kid's bedtime an hour can make a huge difference.

Studies say earlier bedtimes lead to smarter, healthier kids
For the past four years, cancer patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin have been given gifts -- care packages -- courtesy of one of their own.

Woman's charity for kids with cancer goes on as she has her own cancer battle
Dense Fog Advisories have now been issued for all of Northwest Arkansas, and much of the River Valley and Ouachitas.

Please watch for low visibility by early Wednesday morning...
Chief Meteorologist 40/29 Darby Bybee
February looks like it will go down as the warmest ever in our area... and the numbers are pretty incredible. Check it out...
Chief Meteorologist 40/29 Darby Bybee

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February likely to be warmest ever
Students at the University of Arkansas raised money for refugees.

UA students raise money for refugees
Authorities investigate after second set of human remains found

Remains of Carol & RoseMarry Davidson found in Benton County, officials believe
A construction crew sends a patient in the hospital a message. See her awesome response!
Getting paid to spend a week with your dog? Not too ruff.

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