To celebrate the achievements of one of our biggest supporters, World Vision has nominated Grace Jenman for the 2016 International Children's Peace Prize!
Grace (pictured left) is an exceptional young Australian who has been involved with the 40 Hour Famine since she was just 12 years old. As a highly motivated young student, Grace managed to raise money to help fight global hunger, by...
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There is less than a week to go until The Halogen Australia ImagiNATION Youth leadership event in Melbourne and we’re getting excited! This will be an awesome day of inspiring guest speakers, thought leadership and interactive activities where you have the opportunity to share big ideas and realise your potential. See how you can get involved here: [ Link ]
Are you a change maker? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Come join us for The Halogen Australia ImagiNATION Youth leadership event! An exciting, inclusive and inspiring community where everybody is warmly welcomed and tomorrow's leaders are made.
This will be an epic event with special guest speakers and interactive activities, where you will have the opportunity to share your...
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This dedicated group of boys aged six through to 14 gave up things such as furniture, food, technology and even cuddles with the dog to raise awareness for those living in poverty during this year’s 40 Hour Famine!
The group also held a fundraising event where they washed cars and sold baked goods and toys to help them reach their overall goal of $5000. Andrea, mother of four of the boys,...
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To all of our amazing supporters who gave up something they love for 40 hours, we want to say thank you! By taking a stand against hunger, you're helping to change the lives of people all over the world and that is something to be truly proud of.
Help make a real difference in the fight against global hunger. Don't forget to get your donations in by 31st August. Every bit counts! [ Link ]
To all our Famine Fighters who took part this weekend - Thank you! It is because of generous people like you, that we are able to make such a big difference to the lives of children just like Sweety. All of your effort in helping bring hunger down also means that hundreds of thousands of other kids can look forward to a better future. What is the first thing you'll do now that The 40 Hour...
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Food isn't just important for a healthy body, it's also important for a healthy mind! When kids have full stomachs it’s easier to concentrate in school, which can help them reach their full potential, all thanks to you!
Good Morning Famine fighters! Waking up on the last day of 40 Hour Famine is hard, especially if you've just spent the night sleeping on the floor. What have you missed most while doing the 40 Hour Famine?
By giving up dinner for one night, you could help provide food for families in need. Did you know that just $20 could help a family increase their food production for a month?
Talking to friends and family about the 40 Hour Famine is the best way to share your passion and to help others understand why you are taking part. Have you told everyone what you stand for?
When people like you take a stand against hunger, you are showing the world that you believe in change. You believe in a world where we do not accept that millions of people are going hungry. Whether you're giving up something for 40 hours, you donate to someone, or tell people why you care, it all makes a difference. By taking a stand, together we can change the world.
The 40 Hour Famine isn't just about giving food to those who need it most, it's also about helping develop long term solutions to hunger. In fact, just $50 could help a farmer to improve soil and grow better crops. Solutions like this, could even help families and communities break free from poverty, meaning that your donations can make an even bigger impact than you ever thought possible.
Doing the 40 Hour Famine is always more fun with a friend - Tag your squad in the comments and let us know how you're going!
Going without food can be difficult, especially around breakfast time, but by going without food, technology, tv or shoes for 40 hours, you're helping to raise awareness for the millions of people who regularly go without. Stay strong and remember that you're standing for a better future.
Are you participating in the 40 Hour Famine this weekend? If you're giving up food, make sure you're drinking lots of water, keep those barley sugars close and most importantly have fun!
Did you know it’s not too late to stand together and participate in this year’s 40 Hour Famine? You can participate at any time in August! Some of our wonderful supporters will be giving up something that they love for 40 hours this week, to help raise funds for those living in poverty. One school getting involved is St Marys District School who today passed their halfway mark! Are you or your...
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Did you know that just $30 could help teach six mothers how to improve child health and nutrition? There are lots of ways that your donations can provide long-term solutions to hunger in developing communities, so don't forget to bank your 40 Hour Famine donations by Wednesday 31st August!
[ Link ]
The 40 Hour Famine might be over, but you don’t have to stop fighting hunger in other ways! There are heaps of great opportunities to get involved with World Vision – from @VGen’s advocacy group, our live-changing gifts work, to our #Youth Ambassador program! Check it all out at [ Link ]
We just want to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who took part this year! Your kindness, generosity and hard work has been incredible and by taking a stand against hunger, hundreds of thousands of kids can look forward to a better future. How do you feel now the 40 Hour Famine is over?
What’s been the hardest part about giving up? Did you learn anything about yourself? #WhatWeStandFor