Three of our Youth Ambassadors Pio, Julia and Miranda are travelling to Jordan to see how your 2016 #40HFNZ funds are making a difference for Syrian children and their families!

Right now, they have a 25-hour journey ahead of them. Stay tuned to hear about their trip and what they get up to!
This year, the 40 Hour Famine is going to be bigger than ever. We can't wait for you to join us.
New Zealand, thank you for giving it your all during the #40HFNZ this year.

From the World Vision whānau to yours, Merry Christmas!
This year World Vision Youth Ambassador Jay Adams visited Jordan where he met Syrian refugee families forced from their homes by the war. Writing for The Spinoff he responded to Kiwi author Alan Duff's argument that "Aleppo is not our problem."

"I have heard first-hand stories of the atrocities Syrians have witnessed. Duff’s appalling comments are an insult to New Zealanders’ tradition of...
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When Alan Duff sneers that Aleppo is 'not our problem', he does not speak for me
After nearly six devastating years of fighting in Syria, the suffering is beyond belief. Innocent civilians are the greatest victims in Aleppo.

“Only world leaders hold the key to true long-term change, but even during this dark chapter of Aleppo’s history, they continue to watch from the sidelines. We need lasting peace. The people of Syria need and deserve this,” says Christine Latif, World...
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Time for a movie night with the squad! Load up your Netflix and watch these acclaimed documentaries that will inspire you to keep on making a difference:

6 Documentaries to watch after exams
Ready to do it all again next year?

Let’s make next year’s #40HFNZ even bigger! Lock in the 2017 dates now and continue to help children affected by the Refugee Crisis and let kids be kids again.
New Zealand, you did it. 90,000 of you banded together to make a difference and this year for the #40HFNZ you raised a whopping $1.8 MILLION for children affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis!

Even better news, the New Zealand Government is contributing an extra $1.6 million to make sure children and their families in Syria are reached with life-saving aid.

If that's not something to...
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Actor Liam Cunningham from Game of Thrones, and our friend Hussam have seen how Child-Friendly Spaces work in Jordan and they just wanted to thank Kiwis, like you, who have raised money for Syrian children through the #40HFNZ.

Give yourselves a pat on the back.
We can't get enough of this picture of actor Liam Cunningham from 'Game of Thrones' visiting a Child-Friendly Space in Azraq Refugee Camp!

"Today, I’m left with images on my mind of children smiling, not looking up at the sky for what might be being dropped on them. Children drawing flowers, not looking up at fighter jets. There’s humanity, decency and dignity." #40HFNZ
Remember our friend Hussam? After fleeing the Syrian war with his mum and staying in Azraq Refugee Camp, he's now legally resettling in Germany and catching up with actor Liam Cunningham from 'Game of Thrones'!
A huge shoutout to one of our South Island School Partnerships Managers, Alex Hitchmough! Every day, she goes to work and empowers Kiwi youth to make a difference. Her advice?

“Find that thing that’s burning inside you and do everything you can to make that fire burn brighter. Our best work comes from the heart and the world desperately needs more people who have come alive by doing what they...
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Alex Hitchmough - World Vision for Waikato grad
Keen on making an even bigger change this year? These books will keep you thinking about the world and inspire you to make it an even better place!

Which one do you want to read first? #40HFNZ

5 Inspiring Books to Read that will inspire you to make a difference!
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An incredible video of Angelina Jolie Pitt in Azraq Refugee Camp using her voice to speak out about the crisis that has affected so many men, women and children - what an inspiration!
We're at Youth Ambassador Camp with our Final 19 today!

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