Alec Kreider, 25, was found hanging in his cell Friday at the state prison in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, authorities said.

Man convicted of 3 murders as teen kills himself in prison
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Officials say William Riley Gaul fatally shot Emma Walker as she slept two weeks after she broke up with him.

Ex-college football player indicted in high school cheerleader's killing
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The arrest comes after a torso and leg belonging to an unidentified female were discovered at a Bronx trash facility last week.

Report: Head found in freezer; arrest in NYC body parts case
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Aeman Presley avoids the death penalty with the plea deal.

Man admits killing 2 homeless men as they slept outside
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“You pretend you have the moral high ground but you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button,” the woman can be seen saying in the video.

Video shows woman being kicked off flight for yelling at Trump supporter
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Police weren't able to say whether the victim supported President Donald Trump or opposed him.

Man bites ear off another man during argument about Trump, police say
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The justices left in place a lower court ruling that said Kody Brown and his four wives can’t sue over the law because they weren’t charged under it.

High court won’t hear "Sister Wives" appeal
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Unable to break the car windows herself, Kim Novak says Officer Tim Schwering was "swinging on that thing like Ken Griffey Jr. in the home run derby."

Spokane police officer, driver recount fiery car rescue caught on tape
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“What we have here is a robbery gone really, really bad,” Police Chief William McManus said, adding that the shooting was “absolutely senseless.”

Good Samaritan shot dead in San Antonio mall; second suspect caught
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A local hangout was supposed to be a safe place for four teenagers on December 6, 1991. What happened?

If you have any information on this case, police encourage you to call 512-472-TIPS. [ Link ]

WATCH: "Innocence Lost"
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Take a look at this flashback only three months into the investigation of the Texas yogurt shop murders.

Detectives wrestle with hundreds of tips after murders of Austin teens
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WATCH: Peter Van Sant sits down with a private investigator to find out why he does what he does.

Q&A with investigator Don Winner
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Police say they are looking for a white four-door sedan, but no other details were immediately available.

5 pepole shot, including 6-year-old boy, at Florida home
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Friends and family search through a dense Panamanian swamp, in their efforts to find missing American Yvonne Baldelli.

Searching the jungle for Yvonne Baldelli
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On December 6, 1991, Detective John Jones was on duty when his police radio crackled: a local yogurt shop was on fire and firefighters were reporting multiple bodies.

Austin detective races to scene where four teens found murdered
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An ex-Marine with a secret life and a secret wife -- a five-year investigation turns up shocking DNA evidence.

Is the one-time hero a killer, too?

WATCH NOW: Devil's Island
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The murder of four young girls leads to two murder convictions, but then everything fell apart.

25 years later, there's new DNA evidence.

WATCH: Innocence Lost
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Michele’s sisterly instincts kicked in after the happy emails and phone calls ended. Where was Yvonne? [ Link ]

"Devil's Island" is now live in the East! Leave your questions for our team below:
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First responders were expecting a building fire. But what they uncovered was far worse. [ Link ]

#48Hours is now live in the East -- leave your questions for our team below!
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Four murders so awful investigators assumed they were done by monsters.

Watch a #48Hours double feature tonight at 9/8c. [ Link ]