Armando Ianucci - Scottish satirist, writer, television director, and the man behind award-winning comedy series Veep and The Thick of It - will be speaking to Raf after 5:30pm!
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Have you missed out on super? Millions of Australians have, to the tune of $5.6 billion. Talkback callers have told Jon Faine it's nearly impossible to chase up, even if you realise there's tens of thousands missing.
Are random audits of businesses the answer?
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AFL-M (Red's term for it) starts today! So here's the entire Bureau of Meteorology with their team colours on!
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Did you know they draw the maps by hand at the Bureau of Meteorology?

Find out why: [ Link ]
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At least four people have been killed and 20 injured in a terrorist attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

Four dead after terrorist attack on UK Parliament, Westminster Bridge
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Red's been your weather man this morning! Broadcasting live from the Bureau of Meteorology!
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How cool is this, they still hand draw maps at the Bureau of Meteorology!

Did you know meteorologists still hand draw weather maps?
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ICYMI: singer/songwriter Jack Carty peformed live on #Evenings
[ Link ]

Jack Carty is a fellow on a roll
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Have you been listening in to Drive this week? There's two more chances to hear Raf Epstein's daily Carmen question!

Collect three answers and enter our competition - you and a friend could be off to see Opera Australia’s Carmen on Sydney Harbour (including flights, accommodation, and dinner).

Tune in Drive with Raf Epstein 3-6pm tomorrow and Friday for the last two questions. And if you've...
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Carmen – Win an Opera Australia experience on Sydney Harbour
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Competition Time!
Come along to Federation Square dressed as your interpretation of an Alien. Be at the main stage from 8pm for your chance to win some great prizes and see yourself on the big screen. #stargazingABC #fedsquare
More information at [ Link ]

Featuring Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Grace Koh, Dr Alan Duffy!
Supported by Swinburne University of Technology, Astronomical...
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Melbourne Stargazing Live Event - with Dr Karl & Friends
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Is it time for grid girls to go? The Greens want the government to stop funding the Melbourne Grand Prix while grid girls are a part of the event. Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO, Andrew Westacott, spoke to Raf on Drive about the role of the grid girls.
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Ben Horan, the Director of Deakin University's Virtual Reality Lab, joins regular presenter Jon Faine, talking about Virtual Reality for beginners.
[ Link ]

Known Unknowns
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A Victorian Parliamentary committee has recommended lowering the P-plate driving age to 17, but the State Government has rejected the idea.

Push to lower P-Plate age
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Today's episode of The Conversation Hour is up!
Listen here now: [ Link ]

Children in jail
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Inspired by her own awkward moment, Clare wants to hear from you if you've told someone in your life about a strange dream that involved them. How did they react? #arvos
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Not enough salt in your diet?
A Canadian firm has put the anti-bacterial properties of salt to good use by producing door handles from compressed salt, as Brayden Whitlock from Outbreak Solutions in Alberta explains.

[ Link ]

A salty solution
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What's your favorite song about clouds?
Tomorrow is World Meteorological Day and in advance of Red spending the morning bothering the good folks at the Bureau of Meteorology, Lindy's going to be playing your favorite cloud-related songs today! Make her playlist below!
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Can sudoku reduce your risk of dementia?
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A parliamentary report just in has recommended the age of P-plate drivers in Victoria be lowered to 17. They hope it will help young people get to work and school - do you think it's a good idea?
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Good Evening! Tonight on Evenings we are looking forward to chatting with Melbourne photographer Tom Blachford.

For the last four years Tom has focused on capturing modernist architecture in Palm Springs.

Here’s a couple of his pictures for your viewing pleasure!