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The Festival of Bruce Springsteen came to a close with his final Oz concert last night. Are you one of his tribe? Why does he hold such a special place in your (hungry) heart?
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After 10:00am, Executive Coach Kelly Magowan will share some tips and strategies that will put you on the path to career success.

How much thought have you given to your next career move?
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Want to know what Myf Warhurst gets up to in her downtime? Have a listen as she catches up with Hilary Harper and reveals her unexpected expertise in public toilets in this week's Downtime Diary.
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Myf Warhurst on the Downtime Diaries

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Dr Larry Clarke from Transcendental Meditation, Australia says practising TM can take you beyond thinking to a place of silence. Tomorrow we'll explore how this technique works to quiet the monkey mind. Join us after 10:00am.
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Did you miss Changing Tracks this week? You can catch the remarkable story of Margaret's first baby and listen to the song that helped her through the experience. Visit our website and share the story with your friends.
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Changing Tracks 2017: Margaret

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When the time comes to take - or give - medical power of attorney, would you know what to do? What's your advice?

Experts say waiting for the crisis to hit to find out is the worst thing you can do.

Who to appoint? What power do they have? And how can you be sure the person you choose will know what your wishes are?

Medical enduring power of attorney top questions

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ICYMI: Jo Toscano's latest offering #Saturday:

Silverbeet and Basil Pesto

1 large bunch basil, leaves only
1/3 bunch silverbeet, stalks removed (you want an equal amount of basil and silverbeet)
50g roasted almonds
1 clove garlic, peeled
½ to 1 cup EV olive oil
½ to ¾ cup grated Parmesan
a squeeze of lemon juice
salt flakes
In boiling water, blanch silverbeet and basil...
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Should the name "Batman" be removed? Dr. Nicholas Clements thinks having the debate is itself worth it.
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C.W. Stoneking has that old school blues sound that is responsible for three award winning albums now. Here he is on the Friday Revue, stepping back in time
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These blokes from Ballarat will have their artwork projected onto Flinders Street Station during Melbourne’s White Night Festival!
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The free app that will make you rethink offensive texts and posts.

Mobile app planned for anti-cyberbullying rewording tool

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Brian and Richelle normally post a video on a Friday but considering Brian's gone AWOL we thought we'd share this behind the scenes outtake instead...
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We know that Brian loves to welcome our regional listeners town by town but this week has he taken it a step too far?

Where in the world is Brian Nankervis? Find out after 1pm.
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Loans from the 'bank of Mum and Dad' have doubled since the 70's according to the RBA. Meanwhile some renters have to queue to even inspect a property.

Have you had difficulty finding a home? What can be done to solve the problem?
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Do you use on-demand platforms to get your TV/movie/music fix? How do you decide what to watch or listen to?
Gady Epstein from The Economist spoke to Red on #breakfast. He has written a report on consumption & choice in the age of algorithmic, digital media.
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Danny Boyle describes the first day of shooting on the Trainspotting sequel!
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Logan was punched in the head by two random motorcyclists on his walk home on Tuesday afternoon in Melton. He suffered concussions as a result. Melton Police are looking for witnesses who might help identify the attackers.
His mother described the incident to Raf.
If you know anything or saw anything, call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.
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Want to scream? Clare Bowditch spoke to Antoinette Ciavarella about the new Scream Booth at the Queen Vic night market. This is what the booth looks like. If you have video or pics of yourself screaming in the booth, post them below!
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? ⬆. ? ⬆⬆. ? ⬇⬇
Why does Melbourne's booming population shun the bus?
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Red's been getting feedback on how to handle lobsters this morning (in the kitchen). Do you eat them, enjoy them? Or are they not really your thing? #breakfast