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If you're getting tired of your current job and fancy a move to the UK, the Queen is looking for someone to plump up her cushions and dust the royal curtains.
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At least ten Aussies have been affected with a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis after a patient went undiagnosed for months. A 23-year-old student was told he had asthma.
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Baron the dog is over 2m long and sits at 115kg - roughly the same size as a baby elephant. He has just qualified as a therapy dog, and now helps build the confidence of young children who have been through tough experiences.
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We have a warning this morning from a WA mother, whose three-year-old daughter suffered horrific burns in a freak accident on a treadmill. Caution: some viewers may find these images distressing.
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A southern suburbs high school has been left with a $1 million damage bill after a fire started in the library. Lee Steele is at Atwell College, where police believe the blaze may have been deliberately lit.
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Three people have been charged after a police chase through Perth's southern suburbs. The hour-long pursuit started in Mundijong when a wanted man allegedly stole a car.
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Today Perth News is LIVE at 7, 7.30, 8 and 8.30am with details of a $1 million suspicious fire at Atwell College in the early hours of this morning. Also hear from a Ferndale woman about her dramatic close shave during an hour-long pursuit yesterday - and the latest on Queensland's cyclone emergency.
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Is an 18-year-old really ready for the AFL?
Matthew Pavlich - Monday night on 9 News.
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Perth's CBD could become a driver-free zone by 2050, with the driverless car revolution already taking shape on our streets. Researchers say kids born today may never need to take a driving test.
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Perth's childcare crush - why it's about to get even tougher.
A special report on 9 News - Monday night at 6pm.
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Plastic bags could be banned in the City of Joondalup under a plan to curb pollution on our northern beaches. The new law - supported by our new Premier - would stop shops from handing out disposable bags.
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A wild chase through the southern suburbs has ended with a dramatic arrest. Innocent drivers were caught up in the hour-long pursuit.
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Here's the scene in Medina, where an hour-long police chase recently came to an end with a man being arrested. Did you see what happened? Send a message to our inbox or email ninenewsperth@nine.com.au. A full report in 9 News at 6.
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An hour-long police pursuit has ended in Medina with a car being dumped and a brief foot chase over rooftops. There are reports of cars being side-swiped along Leach Highway as the chase unfolded - it started in Mundijong and made its way through various suburbs in Shelley, Winthrop and Spearwood.

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Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are heightening concerns about automation replacing a growing number of occupations.
#9News | [ 9News.com.au Link ]

Tech world debate on robots and jobs heats up

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Are these your Saturday Lotto numbers? If so, you've just pocketed an extra $4.2 million! Two tickets, sold in Canning Vale and South Perth, had the winning numbers last night.
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"It was the worst-kept secret that they liked to party... we threw the book at Essendon for mismanagement, but we haven't touched West Coast." - Tadhg Kenelly
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Analysis of wastewater from 14 million Australians has shown WA has the worst meth problem in the nation, with close to 60 doses consumed per 1000 people per day in the city, and almost 80 in the country. Detailed coverage in 9 News tonight at 6.

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Police Dog Odin has helped to track down a 22-year-old man who allegedly ran away as officers were breaking up a brawl in Murray St Mall at 4am this morning. He was arrested hiding in a building site on Wellington St.
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Superheroes, TV characters and celebrities - they all gathered in Perth today for the annual Oz Comic-Con Exhibition. The iconic pop-culture festival attracting a massive crowd of 20,000 self-confessed geeks.