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Very interesting way of life. For those who hate paying rent and just want to live on the road, this is for you. Talking about this coming up during The 6 o'clock Bomb Squad Mix with DJ CO1.


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After 146 years, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus is shutting down the big tent. I can count on one hand the times that I got to check out this awesome show growing up. The animals, funny clowns, and the death defying acts.

What are you going to miss about the Circus? - Chico
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Win $30 to New Mexico’s first and only certified Neapolitan Pizzeria. Text Amore to 68683, if you're the 93rd text, we will be calling you back so you can start enjoying some delicious pizza. Good Luck. - Chico
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Haha they do...
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Come by and sign up for health insurance before that deadline comes sneaking up on you. That's right, 2 weeks away so come get free help and get covered. They have bilingual services available as well. We will be here until noon with KOB-FM prizes.
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Did Justin Bieber turn into a man right before our very eyes? I think, yes! Kiki
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Who SHOULD go home? -Carlos D

The Bachelor

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Someone broke into my new car last night and went away with and other valuables, Unluckily for that person, their phone dropped in the car and their Facebook account was open on their .

Please, anybody who knows this person let me know.

Carlos Duran

Below is the link to the thief's Facebook profile.
[ Fb.com Link ]
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Where is Kendall's other leg?

(via InStyle Mag)
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Hope everyone is okay. -Carlos

Via KOB 4 'KOB is investigating reports of some type of altercation at the Cottonwood Mall.

Witnesses say they've heard screaming and some type of loud bang near the Eddie Bauer store'

(Via KOB 4)

Update: Thank goodness, everyone is ok. Just some crooks causing a disturbance at Cottonwood Mall.

Police respond to altercation at Cottonwood Mall

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Ready to see Matilda and I ran into Elliana. It is a fun girl's night. XOXO Kiki
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Monster Truck tickets, feeling lucky?
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Photobomb Friday! - Chico
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OMG! How delish, if you are looking for some great food, or a new place to try out today is your LUCKY day. We were lucky enough to chow down this morning, YUM! Carlos & Kiki in the morning Only a few left.

50% off at Cafe 6855

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Did you miss Carlos & Kiki in the Morning this week? Here's the #BestOf!! Don't forget to subscribe to our Podcast! - Carlos & Kiki in the morning

Carlos & Kiki in the Morning Best of Week 1/9/17 Podcast

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If you didn't love emojis, these NM themed emojis will change your mind. Download away!!! #YoureWelcome - Carlos & Kiki in the morning

New Mexico Emojis - Get them

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Joe Jonas and Charlotte McKinney seem to be getting friendly in the new GUESS campaign. I suddenly want to go shopping. Kiki
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Wait until you see the pictures...Hot and Spicy! - Chico

Send them pics or NAH?