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Jacquie: This is about right...
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Jacquie: I've always wondered how much of this stuff they actually use...every nominee at this years Oscars will get a goodie bag valued at $278,000! It includes everything from trips to apples.

What is in the Oscars goodie bags?

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Brian & Susan: We want you to Choose your Concert Experience! We've got 5 great shows in 5 different cities to choose from.

1. The Chainsmokers in San Francisco

2. The Weeknd in New Orleans

3. Britney Spears in Vegas

4. Bruno Mars in Vancouver

5. Lady Gaga in LA

Which one would you choose? Qualifying starts on Monday, click the link below for all the juicy details...

Choose Your Concert Experience!

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Jacquie: What would you do if you won the lottery? Some great ideas here...

10+ Things People Would Do If They Won Millions Of Dollars On Lottery

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Brian & Susan: The Kingston Voyageurs will wrap up their final game of the regular season tonight with a special fundraiser for the Vees long standing play-by-play announcer, Allan Etmanski.
He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and has taken a leave of absence to undergo chemo. All money raised at the game will go directly to a GoFundMe account set up for him to help offset his...
View details ⇨

Click here to support Help Allan Etmanski during chemo by Ian Ricketts

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Brian & Susan: It was so great to see everyone sporting PINK yesterday and taking a stand against bullying! #BEKINDygk
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Lindsey: Sad but true lol
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Jacquie: Ok, does anyone actually pour milk in the bowl BEFORE the cereal?
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Brian & Susan: We don't see any use for cellphones in the classroom! Do you think they should be banned at school?

Toronto school bans cellphones from classrooms

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Brian & Susan: Kellogg's has opened a pop-up Pop-Tarts cafe in New York City! Are you a fan of Pop-Tarts? We are but most of these menu items don't sound very appetizing.

Pop-Tarts are being made into pizza, tacos and nachos. No, really.

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Brian & Susan: It's Pink Shirt Day! You're being encouraged to wear pink today to show the world that you stand up against bullying. The Message is Simple but the Impact is Big! #BEKINDygk
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Jacquie: Drakes building a mansion! Check out the first pic and details on his soon to be new Toronto home...

Drake Shares Photo Of His New Toronto Home

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Brian & Susan: Let your summer vacation planning begin!

Tiny floating orbs let you sleep in the treetops

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Brian & Susan: The 6th Annual Pink Shirt Day Anti-Bullying Campaign returns to Kingston tomorrow! This year the theme is focusing on the positive #BEKINDygk message.

Events - Pink Shirt Day - Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area

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Brian & Susan: And we thought that WE had the best job ever...

You can now get a job as a professional chocolate taster

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Brian & Susan: FLY FM is sponsoring 'Jean of the Joneses' at this year's Kingston Canadian Film Festival! We have a pair of admission passes to see any movie at the festival, with the Impossible Question this week.

Kingston Canadian Film Festival | Jean of the Joneses