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Brian & Susan: Congrats to Jessie Ward, our #ChooseYourConcertExperience winner who is off to see Lady Gaga in LA this summer! She called us back within 60 seconds and now has the difficult decision of picking someone to go with her!


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Brian & Susan: It's nice to actually see her for a change!

Sia Steps Out Without Her Wig, Shows Off Fresh Face

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Jake: You can find a diamond in the rough, but never did I think you would find one in an egg! Have you ever found something in a place where it doesn't belong?

How'd That Diamond Get In Her Hard-Boiled Egg?

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Jake: They help us through the good days and the "ruff" ones too! It's #NationalPuppyDay! So here are some puppies to make you go "awwwww" with.

It's National Puppy Day, so here are your puppies

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Lindsey: This would also keep me entertained but I'd up the challenge and do it with a glass of wine in my hand....
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Jacquie: 12 hidden gems in Kingston...Anything missing from this list?

12 Hidden Gems In Kingston To Check Out ASAP

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Jacquie: Katy Perry gives us a sneak peak of the new shoes featured in the 2nd installment of the Katy Perry Collection. I love those tux high heels! What do you think?
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Brian & Susan: Is it time to start building co-ed bathrooms?

It's time women stopped putting up with toilet queues

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Brian & Susan: What is the biggest regret you have from your early adult years?

New survey reveals British men's biggest regrets | JOE.co.uk

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Jake: Researchers say that once in a committed relationship, it can change your personality, change your interests, and even adopt good and bad habits. So, is there a bad habit you've picked up from your significant other?

Partners in a committed relationship pick up habits from one another

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Jake: Imagine the traffic you could avoid with this!

Effects company's hydraulic SUV drives over traffic

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Lindsey: I'm just gonna leave this here......
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03/22/2017 at 16:45. Facebook
Jacquie: I love interviews like this, you can find out so much about an someone in a short amount of time, please, you get a tour of Selena's house!

WATCH: Selena Gomez Answers 73 Questions From 'Vogue'

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Brian & Susan: Everyone can probably relate to at least one of these hilarious memes!

29 Memes About Work That Are Way, Way Too Real

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Jake: I could see this as a good idea for dinner parties or food platters in the upcoming weeks but the idea of REPLACING Chocolate with this... I won't be on board with it but will you?

Egg made entirely out of CHEESE launches in time for the Easter break

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Jake: Now we know the real reason why she is selling her house.. A "dislocated" finger!

Ellen DeGeneres Hospitalized After Wine-Related Accident

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Lindsey: Oh my heart.....
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03/21/2017 at 16:54. Facebook
Jacquie: I just thought we should take a moment to wish Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint Eastwood's son) a Happy Birthday. He's 31, and I think we can all agree he's pretty photogenic