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What old TV show do you wish would make a comeback? --Michele

NBC just announced 'Will & Grace' is coming back!

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In case you're wondering why SR 14 is closed, check this out...
- The Mike and Amy Show

WSDOT - SW Region on Twitter

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Has anyone tried this yet????? We need a food review, PRONTO!

7-Eleven Launches New Breakfast Pizza

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Feeling a little weather fatigued? Let's do something fun. Go to your phone and send us the tenth picture back. Just swipe back ten times, and whatever shows up, put it here! (Unless it's not safe for work!) Here are Mike, Amy and Brooke's, in that order. Mike's is a frozen rear view mirror in Troutdale, big shock that Amy's cat Ted is in hers, and WOW! Get a load of Brooke's hallway!!!
- The...
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Just good ol' rain here at the Wolf Studios on the South Waterfront. Where are you and what is it doing? Be safe. - Tim
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Snow, ice & flooding may cause trouble with your trees. Here is the number if you have problems & the webisite for info. Call Urban Forestry at 503-823-TREE (8733) to report a street or park tree emergency. Emergency dispatchers are available 24/7. [ Portlandoregon.gov Link ] Savannah Jones Radio
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Cooool! Savannah Jones Radio

Ice Castles

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TWO FOR TUESDAY! COMMENT below with: would you rather run at 100 mph or fly at ten mph, and your zip code to enter to win a pair of 4-day GA tickets to the Country Crossings Music Festival! We'll pick TWO random winners after 11:30am today and post them here. General contest rules apply. Prize valued at $310. #ad
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It's still really dangerous out there...even if your car is under control, not everyone else's is. Amy almost got t-boned this morning by a guy skidding down a hill. Be careful, people!

Mike Warner on Twitter

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People are funny. There are a bunch who believe that this random dude at Graceland is actually Elvis! Why this guy? And does he look 82 to you?
- The Mike and Amy Show

Uncanny Elvis Presley lookalike ‘spotted’ in Graceland some 40 years after he died

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When was the last time you took your kids to the library? Look at this 4 yr old go, go, go! Savannah Jones Radio

Georgia girl, 4, completes steep 1,000-book reading challenge

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If you, or someone you know is still looking for their vehicle. Savannah Jones Radio

People return to cars abandoned in snowstorm, some vehicles towed away

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This is a $100 coin, not $1. Savannah Jones Radio

Lady Liberty depicted as African American by U.S. Mint

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This is very handy if you're in Portland or headed there: A map showing which surface streets are plowed and which are not!

Maps | The City of Portland, Oregon

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Just a friendly reminder from your pal, the guy who rides his unicycle around town in his Darth Vader mask, wearing a kilt and playing flaming bagpipes: Shovel your sidewalk! It's the law.
- The Mike and Amy Show

Shovel snow from your sidewalk: It's the law

Portland area cities are reminding homeowners and businesses of their legal obligations to clear their sidewalks of ice and snow. Yes, cities say: It's your ...

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Those are crows in the snow.

Photo by Walker Berg.
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Brooke read a GREAT proud parent letter today from a mom whose three sons are in three different branches of the military. If you're a proud parent of a soldier, we would love to read your message on the air. Just send it to proudparents@thewolfonline.com.
- The Mike and Amy Show
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Out of the many, many snow pics we have seen, these definitely win the prize for the cutest! Thanks to listener Kristal (and her daughter) for letting us share them here.
- The Mike and Amy Show
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The Portland Bridal Show has been postponed due to weather. A new date will be announced soon and all tickets will be honored. More information here: [ Thewolfonline.com Link ] #ad

POSTPONED: The Portland Bridal Show