Polly Clark believes that, for too many women, the shock of childbirth and its aftermath is akin to experiencing war, leaving them adrift, and absent in a profound way – but no one notices

The everyday trauma of childbirth made me stop at one child

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'Justice secretary says alleged victims in England and Wales will be given option of prerecording evidence for a trial'

Rape victims to be spared ordeal of cross-examination in court

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A magazine’s profile with Selena Gomez is the latest to have an icky fixation on its subject’s looks. Perhaps it’s time for men to be banned from interviewing women

Why do so many male journalists think female stars are flirting with them?

Charities, campaigners and teachers report scale of the problem, saying more must be done to tackle stigma

Girls from poorer families in England struggle to afford sanitary protection

August 31 is the Punjabi poet’s 97th birth anniversary.

The story of Amrita Pritam’s final love poem

. But the women who helped develop and push the style forward have largely fallen out of the art-historical spotlight, marginalized during their careers (and now in history books) as students, disciples, or wives of the their more-famous male counterparts rather than pioneers in their own right. (An...

11 Female Abstract Expressionists Who Are Not Helen Frankenthaler

Awesome group Sisters Uncut Bristol take over a closed library and turn it into a safe space!
Jackie Walker Bossing it! What a collected, powerful and eloquent individual! <3