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Merry Christmas! The holiday joy rolls along with the commercial free A Madea Christmas starting NEXT on USA Network!
Merry Christmas The holiday joy rolls along with the commercial free A
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Have a not-so-silent night. Watch A Madea Christmas TONIGHT at 8/7c on USA!
A Madea Christmas 12/15/2016
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Be on the lookout for MORE A Madea Christmas this month on USA Network!
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In the midst of tragedy, God never leaves us. On March 3rd, the New York Times Bestseller that has inspired millions comes to the big screen. Watch the NEW trailer for The Shack!
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Celebrating with the family – Madea style! Grab your copy: [ Amadeachristmasmovie.com Link ]. And MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Celebrating with the family – Madea style Grab your copy: And MERRY CHRISTMAS
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The wisdom of Madea prevails at Christmas time.
The wisdom of Madea prevails at Christmas time
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What’s your funniest Madea moment? There are plenty in ‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas’: [ Amadeachristmasmovie.com Link ]
Whats your funniest Madea moment There are plenty in Tyler Perrys A
Jennifer Moffit
Jessica Marie
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Straight girl talk. #12DaysOfMadea
Straight girl talk 12DaysOfMadea
Lee Fickenworth
Georgina Domingues
Colleen Smith
“Did you hear the one about the…?”
Did you hear the one about the
Stephanie Dianne Lail
Tamara K Wiley
Johnny Ormsby
Teach, Madea, TEACH!
Teach Madea TEACH
Kim Kilgore
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That’s enough work for now. #12DaysOfMadea
That’s enough work for now 12DaysOfMadea
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Jessica Marie
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Madea’s 12 days of Christmas, y’all!: [ Amadeachristmasmovie.com Link ]
Madea’s 12 days of Christmas y’all:
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It’s the 12 days of Christmas… Madea style! Get ‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas’, available now: [ Amadeachristmasmovie.com Link ]
Its the 12 days of Christmas Madea style Get Tyler Perrys A
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Who’s seeing Boo! A Madea Halloween this weekend? Buy 2 tickets on Atom Tickets and get a free candy at: atm.tk/madea #MadeaHalloween
Whos seeing Boo A Madea Halloween this weekend Buy 2 tickets on
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