A.R. Rahman
03/22/2017 at 21:37. Facebook
A.R. Rahman
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A.R. Rahman
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For information & queries on tickets already purchased previously, kindly write in to info@btos.in
A.R. Rahman
03/21/2017 at 10:30. Facebook
Dear Fazil, Thank you for your kind words. Its Haricharan himself with his vocal formant and pitch tweaked to modulate like a young sensuous female..we tried others but we couldn’t get this quality so retained the temp..

Ps - just finished the 'Cheliyaa' press meet at Hyderabad and sitting jobless now ;-)
A.R. Rahman
03/21/2017 at 05:20. Facebook
Dear Thanish Afridhi, Our team is working hard & passionately..you will know soon:)
Oscar-winning Indian composer gives a patient audience a night to remember in Sharjah

A. R. Rahman music concert review

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Performing my Dad's song at Sharjah with Swetha mohan
Thank you for making this song #1 for 5 weeks straight. Ellapugazhum Iraivanukke
Sharing pictures from the concert Many thanks to BTOS Productions
All of you made it unforgettable last night..

Thank You Mathrubhumi for making this possible
UAE, We are preparing your favourite songs for the concert...I've always been curious what songs you'd want us to perform...

Just 3 days to go !! See you at the Sharjah Stadium.

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Tickets to AR RAHMAN by MATHRUBHUMI Live in SHARJAH UAE Friday 17 March 2017

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