A Streetcat Named Bob
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It's a wrap. Pre-order the limited edition DVD of the movie with a special Bob-themed cat scarf. Purrfect for the cold weather. [ Amzn.to Link ]
A Streetcat Named Bob
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Good morning Norway!!!
A Streetcat Named Bob
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We absolutely love the special, limited edition DVDs - available with a choice of a Bob cat bowl or a cool scarf. (You could get both, of course!) Pre-order them here [ Amzn.to Link ]
How cool is this? Now you can pre-order your DVD - complete with a limited edition cat bowl. So both you and your favourite friend get to enjoy the movie. [ Amzn.to Link ]

A Street Cat Named Bob (DVD + Cat Bowl Limited Edition) [2016]

Exciting! Three days to go until the film's release in Germany. Our German fans can book their tickets here.
[ Bobderstreuner-film.de Link ] #BobDerStreuner
Ha ha. Very funny. And probably true!
Hope the New Year has got off to a flying start. Why not share your 2017 resolutions with us?
Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year.
Only one day to go until the movie is released in The Netherlands. Here's an early list of cinemas showing it - with many more to follow, we hope. Enjoy.
#TBT that moment in the movie when a beautiful friendship was born. Pre-order it now [ Amzn.to Link ]
Everyone needs a co-pilot in their life - tag someone who is as special to you as Bob is to James.

And why not pre-order their incredible story while you are at it.

[ Amzn.to Link ]
As usual, Bob took it all in his stride when he met the German Press in Berlin on Tuesday night. #bobderstreuner #bobontour
James and Bob made a handsome pair at last night's fabulous red carpet screening in Berlin. #bobontour
It’s important to remember to give generously to those less fortunate than you this #Christmas. Help others like James & Bob – Not everyone has a Santa Cat
Everyone gets a second chance! Have you seen #StreetcatBob more than once at the cinema?
Join #StreetcatBob at the cinema this weekend! TAG a pal you’d like to see the film with