Your mission today, enjoy your birthday Jessica Biel!
Happy Birthday Bradley Cooper! Stay outta trouble.
Always bring your A-game.
"You pancaked my van! I'm gonna kill you, fool!"
Good morning.
Tag your A-Team squad!
Classic Hannibal. [ Link ]
Executive Producer Ridley Scott to receive American Cinematheque Honor.

Ridley Scott to Receive American Cinematheque Honor
You can't fly a tank! [ Link ]
If the A-Team really wants to get something done, they should add Bryan Mills to the roster. #Taken3 US: [ Link ]
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When he's not leading mercenaries, Liam Neeson is being a kick-ass movie dad! Check out these movie life lessons just in time for Father's Day. #DadAdvice
Hope you have an unbeatable birthday, Liam Neeson.
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It's going down.
Bring with your birthday A-game. Happy Birthday, Jessica Biel!
Always bring your A-game.