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NEW #BetterAngels episode.

This week Sarah Brown speaks to New York Times columnist and author Nick Kristof, former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete, British comedian Nish Kumar and Dutch Anti-Trafficking campaigner Toos Heemskerk-Schep.

They explore and discuss how we can create change to make a real difference.

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A World At School
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Do you believe in the right of every child to have an education?
200 million children who will never set foot in a classroom is 200 million too many.

You may not know is that there is a plan to change this... and we need your help.

Join us. Send a message to world leaders today:

Tell the G20 to back IFFEd

A World At School
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200 million children have never stepped foot in a classroom. Together, we can change this.

Take action: [ Theirworld.org Link ]

A World At School
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At least 17 million women & girls in Africa collect water every day, increasing their risk of danger #worldwaterday

Read the full story now:

Millions of African girls miss school and risk sexual abuse every day to carry water

An ambitious plan has been drawn up to help millions of young people in Africa have a successful future.

One of its main targets is to ensure they get the quality education and training they need to help their countries and the continent to flourish.

Read the full story below. #5for5 #ECD

Plan to help Africa flourish 'must include support for children under five'

Maggie MacDonnell won the $1 million prize for her inspirational work with students and the wider community amid harsh conditions and serious social problems.

Read the full story:

$1m Global Teacher Prize 2017 goes to Canadian who works with Inuit students in the Arctic

'International development is the ability to put yourself in somebody else's shoes, and say, 'That could be me' ...it's about compassion - Kevin Watkins, CEO of Save the Children UK

This week's #BetterAngels podcast looks at what it takes to be a great campaigner with prominent LGBT campaigner and best-selling author David Mixner, supermodel and maternal health campaigner, Christy Turlington...
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At least 320 schools have reopened in eastern Mosul and nearby towns - allowing around 258,000 children to return to education while fighting continues in the west of the embattled Iraqi city.

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258,000 Iraqi children back at school in eastern Mosul area as battle rages in west of city

NEW #BetterAngels episode now LIVE: awrld.at/2feX1Ts

Sarah Brown talks to civil rights activist and best-selling author David Mixner, supermodel and maternal health campaigner, Christy Turlington Burns, CEO of Save The Children UK and leading international development thinker, Kevin Watkins, and young education campaigner and Global Youth Ambassador Shazia Ramzan.

Hear their stories and...
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The island nation in the Indian Ocean that has spent 6 years building up its programmes for young children:

Seychelles islands praised for being a world leader on early childhood development

#RewritingTheCode Muirfield golf club overturns men-only policy.

Read the full story: [ Bbc.co.uk Link ]
After six years of war, nearly six million children now depend on humanitarian assistance - 12 times as many as in 2012, said UNICEF's report. [ Awrld.at Link ]
NEW Social episode of #BetterAngels talking to guests at our International Women's Day Breakfast about #RewritingTheCode.

Listen today about how women are changing embedded values in their different spheres and the challenges they're facing: [ Awrld.at Link ]
'I’m passionate about creating a world where people can be who they want to be' June Sarpong MBE

Have you seen Louise Pentland​'s new video? She shares her thoughts on #RewritingTheCode Theirworld International Women's Day Breakfast.

I'm SO Sorry | IWD2017 - YouTube

Some thoughts on being a woman and a pledge for the future. Pre-Order My Book, Wilde Like Me - http://louisepentlandnovel.com/ My Free Newsletter - http://l...

'Women are taking power of their own lives, their identity' Lynne Reid Banks.

NEW #BetterAngels podcast. Sarah Brown talks to guests at Theirworld International Women's Day Breakfast about #RewritingTheCode: [ Awrld.at Link ]
Want to join the #RewritingTheCode conversation? We have a range of resources and packed to help you get involved. See the highlights from #IWD2017 and how you can support a Theirworld Code Club:

#RewritingTheCode materials

This #IWD2017 see how Code Clubs are empowering girls with coding and technology skills. #RewritingTheCode
'Today is about exposing codes' Sarah Brown #RewritingTheCode #IWD2017
This morning you can keep up to date on our International Women's Day event, by following the blog and our social media channels #RewritingTheCode #IWD2017

Live blog: Theirworld's #RewritingTheCode International Women's Day event

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