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Just remember we’ll be around if you need us #adele [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Your actions on the road don’t just affect you. There is so much that could go wrong here. What’s your reaction?
= This endangered the lives of others
= It's sad there are drivers like this
= They've taken an unnecessary risk
= I would have dismantled the trampoline first

Trampoline tied to car stuns motorists on Auckland motorway

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An AA Roadservice Officer’s life is full of surprises #TrillianTrek
Find out more about the event here: [ Trekevents.co.nz Link ]
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The autumn edition of AA Directions hits letterboxes March 21 and highlights ways to unleash your inner child. How do you have fun?
Have you been in this situation?

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Are you a dog owner who's looking for a vehicle that's more accessible for your furry friend? Well, Nissan's new concept car could be the answer.

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Introducing AA Drivers Town at Rainbows End, giving the next generation of drivers a bit of a fun start.
CAUTION: slips, rocks and surface flooding have caused road closures. Before heading out, check your journey on AA Roadwatch.

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Did you know that coffee beans are a great natural way to get rid of unwanted odours?

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You can have all the experience in the world, but driving impatiently won’t keep you on our roads for very long.

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How much of the price of a litre of fuel is tax? How much is the cost of the product? And how big a margin is there on it? This cool interactive from Fairfax Media uses AA PetrolWatch data to see if you can get it right.

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New Zealand has about 40 lighthouses still standing. Which ones have you done?

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Simple life insurance with great savings from New Zealand’s most trusted life insurance brand.

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What can two of our AA Roadservice team do for a seven-year-old who has spent more than 600 nights in hospital and has undergone 65 different surgeries? They can make his day.

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How are your haggling skills? Here's some advice on how to negotiate with car dealers.

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Did you know that about 120 million kilometres are driven in New Zealand daily. How many do you clock up per day?
Congratulations to Chris Bills, our People’s Choice 2016 winner! Chris voted for her Car of the Year and won the grand prize of a Pacific Island cruise. Our Motoring Services Marketing Manager Nick Bassett caught up with her at our AA Auto Centre in Christchurch Airport.
Did you know that on steep, narrow roads, a vehicle moving downhill must give way to a vehicle moving uphill?
(Bonus points if you can tell us what street this is in NZ)