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What landmark is your town known for?
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Ever experienced buyer’s remorse – that feeling of regret you get after you rush a purchase? Well, if you're in the market for a new car, follow our top tips on how to avoid it.

Buyer’s remorse | AA Motoring

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We've passed 2000 electric vehicles in NZ and the Government wants 64000 by 2021.
Our teams out on the road have the best office views.
Looking for something to do this long weekend? AA Directions magazine shares some inspiration, from top picnic spots and bush walks to building the ultimate sand castle.
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What's your favourite thing to do at Cathedral Cove?

Cathedral Cove Walk | AA New Zealand

It’s a scary statistic. You’re twice as likely to die or be seriously injured if you crash in a 3 star safety-rated vehicle than if you’re in a 5 star vehicle.

Why does a 5 star ANCAP safety rating matter? | AA Motoring

We've been saying for some time that fuel companies need to answer the public's questions over price differences on fuel across the country. They also should explain why prices rose 5c recently when AA monitoring shows it wasn't justified.

Petrol prices to be scrutinised as importers' margins rise

Answer the clues. *Ts & Cs apply

Win a Queenstown getaway*

If you're planning a summer road trip you may encounter these. What should you do?

Taken from the AA Driving School NZ Road Code Quiz aa.co.nz/rcq
Long delays are being experienced on Auckland's southern motorway because of an earlier car fire and the beginning of holiday weekend traffic. Stay up to date with AA Roadwatch.

Places | AA New Zealand

Taking your car keys for a swim, leaving them in the bush, burying them in the boot under the groceries or giving them to the kids to play with – these are just a handful of the ways Kiwis managed to lock themselves out of their cars so far this summer.

Holiday brains lead to lost keys and lock-ins | AA New Zealand

While a vehicle with a champagne fridge, hints of gold or the appearance of a superyacht might not be everybody’s cup of tea, it’s easy to appreciate the craftsmanship behind these cars.

Rolls-Royce reveals seven bespoke cars that were built for the super rich | AA Motoring

Get over those holiday blues by planning your next getaway. Here are a few ideas to kick your summer road trips into 5th gear.

Places to go | AA New Zealand

Answer the clues. *Ts & Cs apply

Win a Queenstown getaway*

Air con – love it when it’s working, hate it when it won’t. We thought we’d shed some light on it to help keep you in a good mood.

The science behind your air con | AA Motoring

Since 2013 our road toll has risen for three straight years. What needs to happen to turn things around in 2017?
We get called to all sorts of jobs during the summer, but it's rare that someone thanks us with baked goods! A big thanks to one of our Auckland Members for this sweet gesture.
Some of these are not your average 'pit stops'.

Kiwis identify the best spots for when you've 'got to go'

With the 4km/h speed tolerance in place until the end of the month, don't rely on your GPS for an accurate speed reading. It's always safer to stick to the indicated speed on your speedometer to ensure you remain within the limit.

Why does my speedo overestimate and how do I fare with a 4km/h speed tolerance this summer? | AA New Zealand